Five minutes with Josie Maran

We chat to actress-turned-beauty-entrepreneur Josie Maran, about her beauty line Josie Maran Cosmetics.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me is all about confidence. I’ve gained my confidence from staying true to myself. Beauty is something that comes naturally to you, it’s all about your own unique self. When you’re confident and being yourself, you radiate positivity and beauty!

You’ll celebrate ten years of Josie Maran Cosmetics in 2017. How has natural-based beauty changed since you started out in 2007?

Since I founded Josie Maran Cosmetics back in 2007, there have been so many more players in the natural world! It’s really wonderful to see that customers are asking for them. Soon, I believe that organic and natural products will be the only kind of products out there in the beauty world. It’s always up to the customers, your vote is for what you believe in!

Where do you see the next ten years taking you?

Over the next 10 years, Josie Maran Cosmetics will be creating more and more Argan Oil innovations that will encourage women to feel beautiful and delighted! We are a purpose driven company with a focus on empowering women and preserving the planet. We support many incredible initiatives that we hope will be making game changing impacts for us all. Life love and the pursuit of harmony is our mission for all!

How did Argan oil become the star ingredient in your range?

Argan Oil has always been at the root of everything we do at Josie Maran Cosmetics. It’s liquid gold, and makes everything it touches absolutely incredible. It seriously can change the way anyone’s skin looks because of all the goodness in it!

What are some of your favourite uses for the 100% Pure Argan Oil?

I love to add a few drops of Argan Oil to my hair before bed, as a hair mask, and then wash out in the morning. It gives the most beautiful silky and smooth finish to your hair! Another one of my favourite uses of Argan Oil is as a hydrating lip treatment. Rub a few drops on your lips for soft and kissable lips!

What other ingredients from nature do you swear by?

I’m obsessed with honey. I mix it into my tea. I wear it as a mask, as a cleanser, and even as a bath treatment. Its great mixed with Argan Oil for the deepest possible nourishment. Since it’s a natural humectant, it helps you retain all the moisture that the Argan Oil provides.

Why was using Fair-Trade Argan oil so important to you?

Using Fair-Trade Argan Oil is truly the only way you should be getting Argan Oil. All our Argan Oil comes from Moroccan Women’s Co-ops. I love working with these women because it allows for them to have fair wages, good working conditions, and the freedom to live the lives that they want to!

Josie Maran Cosmetics is available at and Mecca Maxima in Christchurch. 

Best New Beauty: Skincolor de la Mer

The distinction between skincare and foundation is blurring. We head to New York to discover La Mer’s latest innovation that offers the best of both worlds.

There once was a time when all we expected from foundation was to cover imperfections and even skin tone. But those days are long gone, as La Mer reminded us with its innovative colour launch, Skincolor de la Mer. “We wanted to create something that provides an amazing texture but wanted to give woman that unmistakable look of La Mer,” explains Robin Shandler, global brand product development vice-president for La Mer. Shandler and the team wished to create a product to transcend the role of a traditional formula to enhance luminosity, keep skin deeply hydrated and combat signs of ageing. So La Mer harnessed the power of the ocean. The beauty house’s iconic Miracle Broth – a restorative blend nutrient-rich sea kelp with natural ingredients – makes an unsurprising appearance but the colour collection introduces two new marine-derived ferments – regenerating and velvet.

Together they fend off signs of  ageing, plump and hydrate skin, and improve texture. The skin tone-true component was inspired by an art movement. Shandler explains that La Mer turned to pointillism to create its novel colour capsule technology. “We looked at all the colours of skin. Red, yellow, brown and white pigments,” she explains. Each pigment in Skincolour de la Mer is encapsulated in a transparent gel so they remain as individual colours. “This allows colour to look natural while staying colour true.” The end result is a silky-smooth formulation that feels barely there, evens skin tone and gives skin an ethereal luminosity. “We wanted to give women healthy, luminous, flawless complexions. Women want to look like themselves, but just better,” says Shandler.

Why we love it: While we can’t deny that $200 is a hefty amount to shell out for a foundation, if you decide on investing on one piece it your make-up bag it makes sense to make it foundation. The biggest selling point of La Mer’s The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation is that it really does combine the best of both worlds: it’s much more than a foundation; it’s the best of La Mer’s coveted skincare too.