Five minutes with Alyce Tran of The Daily Edited

What inspired you to start The Daily Edited?

The Daily Edited soon to be tde. (it’s becoming a bit of a mouthful!) started as a creative side project away from our day jobs as corporate lawyers. We just wanted to create an online platform – blog and store where women like us could visit, browse around and purchase items we had a mutual affection for.

Where do you source your products?

Our products are designed by us here in Sydney and made in Hong Kong. We source leather from a range of places including Italy, Australia and Southern China.

Who is The Daily Edited consumer?

We have a predominately female customer base, however within that base is a incredibly wide range of women working in all different professions across the globe. Our customer is a discerning woman, who loves quality, minimal designs and a slice of luxury that certainly isn’t going to break the bank.

Who is your STYLE icon? Why?

Really we love streetstyle stars, like Olivia Palermo, she has such a fun sense of style that is sophisticated, feminine and youthful. I think everybody loves how she mixes her highs and lows and that is what we are all about!

What piece from The Daily Edited collection can you not live without? Why?

Any of our pouches! Particularly our dove grey and black pouches, perfect neutrals and perfect additions to any outfits. They are so versatile. I’ve seen customers use them as makeup bags, travel wallets and as clutches for events to match their outfits

What are your favourite trends for Autumn/Winter 2015?

I am loving longer skirts and hemlines generally. I like the idea of a skirt that goes over the knee and boots. A simple clean and great every day look. With our minimal accessories I think it’s easy to play around with more interesting, voluminous outfits, like bell sleeves!

What are you most looking forward to this Summer?

The beach, the sun, drinking from coconuts (just seems so wrong in winter) and new collections. By southern hemisphere summer we will have expanded our product offering so much, we have so many things in the pipeline that I am excited about. The Daily Edited you see today will be completely transformed!


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Rocket scientists create stilettos that won’t murder your feet

Ex-SpaceX executive Dolly Singh was looking for a career sea-change so she harnessed the genius of her co-workers for the good of fashionistas everywhere.

As founder and CEO of Thesis Couture, Singh is creating “the world’s first high-performance stiletto”.

“It’s never going to feel like a tennis shoe,” Singh concedes. “But it doesn’t have to feel like a torture device either.”

So what does it take to create this revolutionary feat? An astronaut, orthopaedic surgeon and a fashion scientist. The objective of the group is to invent a shoe that redistributes pressure along the foot while making use of high-quality plastic and polymer instead of the usual metal construction.

The limited edition 1,500 couture shoes will be available for sale in the coming months, but has a hefty price-tag of US$925.

Singh has said the sky-high heels will become more affordable when their first collection is released retailing between US$400-900.