Feet First in Tech


At first glance, footwear might not appear to have evolved all that much in the last few years, but technology and innovation have been at the heart of Danish shoemaker ECCO since the brand launched in 1963. With a team of industrial designers, researchers, engineers and futurists working at the ECCO Innovation Lab in Amsterdam, innovation is continually advancing the industry. Here are some of ECCO’s innovations we hope to see more of in the near future.

It’s not always easy finding a shoe that fits perfectly and is comfortable too, but ECCO plans to make this a problem of the past. By harnessing innovative technology, such as 3D scanners and wearable sensors to analyse feet and motion, customers at select international boutiques will be able to have their shoes customised with midsoles. Each shoe will be custom made to meet the wearer’s unique biomechanical and orthotic requirements.

Gone are the days of transparent leather being an unthinkable, impossible textile. After years of research the pioneering team of designers at ECCO Leather have created APPARITION, a soft, transparent calfskin leather. Not only is it incredibly pliable, it’s durable, water-resistant and comes in many colours.

Timeless Neutrals You Need

You can’t go wrong with neutral tones, proven year after year as shades of blush, off-white and cream return to the runway. Blend in with all-over neutrals or balance out bolder pieces with a single garment. For a subtle touch, add neutral to your outfit in the form of shoes, handbags or jewellery. This functional palette goes with everything.

View our favourite runway looks and items right now in the gallery below.