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5 fashion tips that will change your wardrobe


Street Style - Copenhagen Fashion Week AW20/21 Day 1
In the age of fast fashion and online shopping, we're undeniably spoiled for choice as far as fashion is concerned.

But if you’ve ever peered inside your wardrobe and wondered “When on earth am I going to wear that?” or looked at your bank account and thought “Maybe I don’t need another pair of skinny black jeans” you’re not alone. Which is why we’ve rounded up our five fashion tips that will help overhaul your wardrobe and the way you shop.

Fashion tip #1. Don’t buy items in the wrong size

As far as fashion tips are concerned this one might seem like common sense, but it’s not at all uncommon to be tempted to buy a size smaller as a motivation to lose weight or because your usual size is already sold out. The same goes for holding onto those jeans from seven years ago that you’re hoping to squeeze into again one day.

At the end of the day, life is too short to let an impulse fashion buy or an old pair of too-small jeans make us feel guilty about our body image or weight. “We often forget that our bodies change every year,” says Abbie O’Rourke, founder of Feel Fresh Nutrition. “You’ll hear language such as, ‘Back in 2014 I was a size 6’ – but the reality is that was four years ago and you’ve had a child since then. We need people to understand their bodies are different year to year, and that’s okay.”

Fashion tip #2. Don’t buy something simply because it’s on sale

If you’ve ever purchased an item just because it was on sale only to have it sit unworn at the back of your closet, you’re definitely not alone. The allure of shopping for a bargain can trick even the savviest shoppers into thinking that neon-coloured designer pencil skirt marked down by 70 per cent is too good of a deal to resist.

“The feeling of getting a bargain when shopping for new clothes is a very dominant factor, which can influence our decision to go shopping,” says University of Auckland PhD researcher, Miriam Seifert. As tempting as sales can be, they can trick us into thinking we’re not doing anything wrong by purchasing products on a whim because we’re not paying the full ticket for the product.

“We go shopping because we want to experience the joy of getting a bargain and saving money,” she explains. Seifert says while it’s easy to fall for marketing campaigns peddling slashed sale prices, it’s important to try and avoid impulsive and emotional shopping. She suggests asking yourself: Do I really need it? Do I have something similar already in my closet that I use or haven’t been wearing at all? Will it make me happy to buy it?

fashion tips
Forgo the fashion trends you’ll only wear a handful of times and invest in the ones you’ll wear season after season.

Fashion tip #3. Steer clear of trends that will be out of fashion before you know it

If you find yourself constantly scrolling through Instagram to try and keep up with all the trends street style stars are wearing, it might be time to take a step back and rethink your wardrobe.

Trends do tend to come and go and circle back around again, so knowing how to cherry-pick trends that you’ll wear season after season is important. Instead of purchasing something because everyone else seems to be wearing it at the moment, invest in key trends that you know you’ll get wear out of in years to come.

Fashion tip #4. Don’t buy pieces you’ll only wear once

You know the drill: you’ve got a special event coming up and are convinced that you have nothing to wear, so you decide to hit the shops in full-blown panic mode to find the perfect outfit for the occasion.

Unfortunately, shopping under pressure can cause us to make some strange decisions and often we end up with an item of clothing that we only end up wearing once. Instead of hastily rushing out to purchase something new consider the environment and your bank account, and consider renting an outfit from the likes of Designer Wardrobe for the occasion.

Fashion Tips
Avoid purchasing pieces you’ll only wear once, and invest in items you’ll wear time and time again.

Fashion tip #5. Think about how your purchases are impacting on the planet

Fast fashion might have given us the trends we want when we want them but our obsession with trend-driven inexpensive fashion has left us with an environmental problem on our hands. Unfortunately, the bulk of fast fashion hasn’t been created to last and because of cheap price tags, many of us aren’t reluctant to throw away fast fashion after just a handful of wears.

Shockingly, a YouGov report from the end of 2017 revealed that 75% of Australian adults had thrown away clothing in the last year and astoundingly 24% of people surveyed admitted to throwing out a garment after one wear. One in six people binned at least three garments they’d worn only once. Millennials were the worst offenders with almost 25% saying they had purchased at least half the clothes they own in the past year.

Fortunately overhauling your wardrobe to make it more environmentally minded isn’t tricky – and if you stop purchasing pieces simply because they’re on-trend or that you know you’ll only wear once, you’re already on the right track to a more mindful wardrobe.  Click here to discover our five favourite fashion tips that will help you become a more mindful fashionista.



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