Devastation in the aftermath of Tunisia attack

By Kate Hassett

Devastation in the aftermath of Tunisia attack
Tunisians band together in condemnation for the disturbing attacks on tourists over the weekend.

Tourists have fled the Tunisian seaside resort in Sousse over the weekend, following the devastating attack that left at least 38 dead and another 39 wounded.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, but it is yet to be proven if the group had played a direct role.

The gunman opened fire on the terrified public, on the beach outside the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba.

The attack lasted about five minutes, starting on the beach and continuing into the hotel lobby and outside into the car park, where the gunman was eventually shot dead.

The gunman allegedly smuggled the AK-47 onto the beach, using an umbrella as a shield.

“The nationalities of the killed, most of them are British, German, and French, this is the 95% of them,” according to Prime Minister Essid. “The majority of them are British, then the second in number were German, then third in numbers were French.”

British Foreign Minister Tobias Ellwood called it “the most significant attack on British people since 7/7,”

Images have surfaced of a group of men seemingly following the gunman down the beach. Up until this point, their purpose was unknown, until yesterday when it was revealed that the group of men, who were staff at the hotel, began to form a human shield to block the gunman from continuing his massacre into a neighbouring hotel.

Mr Yeoman, who took the photo, told UK media that the men were successful in stopping the continued onslaught.

“It’s amazing what they did. The staff were in a line and they were shouting at him, saying ‘we won’t let you through’.

“They shouted: You’ll have to go through us’. That’s why he’s got his back turned to them. He tried to get to my hotel and they stood in a line.”

Tunisia’s attack came at the same time as two other fatal terrorist attacks in France and Kuwait.

At least 27 were killed, with 200 more wounded at a Shiite-affiliated Al-Sadiq mosque in Kuwait. The bomb blast hit during Friday prayers with the attack being claimed by ISIS.

Following the massacre on Friday, hundreds gathered outside the hotel to express sympathy and voice their condemnation of the actions of the few.

The demonstrators marched along the streets holding candles for the fallen and chanting “Sousse will never die!”

Other European nations have raised their security levels to High Alert.





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