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Cheese Rolls Recipe | MiNDFOOD Recipes & Tips
There is no denying our love for Cheese Rolls. 

Our classic Cheese Roll recipe is one of our most visited recipes. 

So now it’s time to uncover the art of crafting these delectable delights while pushing the boundaries of flavour and texture. From classic renditions to innovative twists, join us in the Cooking School as we unravel the secrets behind crafting the perfect cheese rolls and discover a plethora of delightful variations.

Welsh Rarebits

Mix 1 tablespoon wholegrain mustard and 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce into cheese mix. Spread bread as per original recipe then roll up. Dip rolls in beaten egg, then fry until crispy.


Pesto & Cherry Tomatoes 

Mix 2 tablespoons pesto into cheese mix and place slices of cherry tomato on top of the filling. Roll up and brush tops with extra pesto. Cook according to original recipe and serve with basil leaves. 


Caramelised Onions & Bocconcini 

Slice 4 red onions and sauté until tender. Add 1 cup sultanas, 1 tablespoon caraway seeds, 1 tablespoon brown sugar and ¼ cup balsamic vinegar. Cook on a low heat for 20 minutes until onions caramelise. Season. Spread bread with onion mix and cheese mix, then place 2-3 slices of bocconcini on top. Roll up and cook until cheese is melted. 


Jalapeños & Crispy Bacon 

Mix ¼ cup finely diced jalapeños into cheese mix with 4 rashers bacon, fried until crispy and finely diced. Spread mixture on bread then roll up. Arrange rolls in baking dish and sprinkle with plenty of cheese and chipotle seasoning. Cook according to original recipe. Serve with crumbled feta and sour cream.


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