Best New Beauty: Skincolor de la Mer

The distinction between skincare and foundation is blurring. We head to New York to discover La Mer’s latest innovation that offers the best of both worlds.

There once was a time when all we expected from foundation was to cover imperfections and even skin tone. But those days are long gone, as La Mer reminded us with its innovative colour launch, Skincolor de la Mer. “We wanted to create something that provides an amazing texture but wanted to give woman that unmistakable look of La Mer,” explains Robin Shandler, global brand product development vice-president for La Mer. Shandler and the team wished to create a product to transcend the role of a traditional formula to enhance luminosity, keep skin deeply hydrated and combat signs of ageing. So La Mer harnessed the power of the ocean. The beauty house’s iconic Miracle Broth – a restorative blend nutrient-rich sea kelp with natural ingredients – makes an unsurprising appearance but the colour collection introduces two new marine-derived ferments – regenerating and velvet.

Together they fend off signs of  ageing, plump and hydrate skin, and improve texture. The skin tone-true component was inspired by an art movement. Shandler explains that La Mer turned to pointillism to create its novel colour capsule technology. “We looked at all the colours of skin. Red, yellow, brown and white pigments,” she explains. Each pigment in Skincolour de la Mer is encapsulated in a transparent gel so they remain as individual colours. “This allows colour to look natural while staying colour true.” The end result is a silky-smooth formulation that feels barely there, evens skin tone and gives skin an ethereal luminosity. “We wanted to give women healthy, luminous, flawless complexions. Women want to look like themselves, but just better,” says Shandler.

Why we love it: While we can’t deny that $200 is a hefty amount to shell out for a foundation, if you decide on investing on one piece it your make-up bag it makes sense to make it foundation. The biggest selling point of La Mer’s The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation is that it really does combine the best of both worlds: it’s much more than a foundation; it’s the best of La Mer’s coveted skincare too.

Five minutes with celeb make-up artist Kayleen McAdams

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Kayleen McAdams found her calling when visiting a movie set and never looked back. Now a popular go-to among the Hollywood crowd, glamorous makeup is her calling card. The La Mer Global Makeup Ambassador  and sister of actress Rachel McAdams shares her beauty secrets with us.

How did you get your start as a makeup artist?

I had been encouraged to pick a practical career, so I majored in psychology. My sister Rachel was just getting started as an actress and I flew down during winter break to visit her on the set. There, I fell in love with everything makeup and realised I could turn it into a career. I went home and finished my degree, but then immediately enrolled in makeup school.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Every look I create inspires me in a new way. For example, red carpet make up is a very collaborative process and I sometimes see an Oscars dress as far as a week in advance. We often think of iconic movie stars or moments, and draw from there. I share my thoughts with the actress and her team, and we all brainstorm together.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty takes on a whole new meaning now that it’s my job. I’m so lucky that I get to go to work with such incredible women and make them feel confident about themselves. I always want the woman to shine through and never want to make it look like I’m applying a mask of makeup that’s hiding her. When you feel amazing, it affects everything – from your career to personal relationships.

How important is skincare in your beauty routine?

Skincare is the most important step of the entire makeup process. If your skin doesn’t look good, you have to work twice as hard and use a lot more product – and formulas don’t lay down as well. It’s not about having perfect skin. It’s about taking care of the skin you do have, and keeping it feeling and looking healthy—that’s why I love La Mer!

What about La Mer is special to you?

To me, it’s more than just a very aspirational and luxurious brand. It’s a brand that performs. La Mer never compromises, and they put all their time and energy into making amazing products that truly make a difference.

What is your go to La Mer Product?

I love the glow that The Perfecting Treatment gives to the skin. It is especially perfect for wearing underneath La Mer’s Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation. It buffs out any lines and imperfections and helps foundation last all day.

What is your favourite place to travel to?

Tokyo has always been on my bucket list, and I was finally able to visit this year. It was so gorgeous and the rituals, like receiving a warm towel everywhere you go, were so wonderful. There’s a strong belief in investing the time and money into finding beauty products and a style that really works for you.

What can you never leave the house without?

Mascara – it just makes your eyes pop.