Behind-the-scenes: The making of the Golden Globes


Behind-the-scenes: The making of the Golden Globes
MiNDFOOD is on the red carpet and reporting live from LA at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards.

The limousines are rolling in and as the doors open, the crowd goes wild. Bright yellow, fuchsia, orange and blue seem to be the strongest colours so far in the dresses worn. Sequins, too, are proving popular. It seems any colour goes. It’s interesting watching the international press twirling and interacting with the crowd and eachother before the celebrities hit the red carpet. The taller and thinner you are the more you get looked at.

The burst water main is now fixed and the red carpet has re-opened for access. There is a blimp in the sky welcoming people to the Golden Globes, and generators are working overtime around the hotel, supplying power to the event. Nancy OiDell from ET in blue, E! Presenter in bright pink, warm-up acts get the crowd going and specially rehearsed crowd cheering for E! as presenters walk in front of them seem well rehearsed!



The red carpet is now ready to go here at the 71st Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverley Hills Los Angeles. Even the bomb squad has swept the red carpet and one of the bomb squad dogs posed for a photograph alongside Golden Globe signage. The FBI have their own photographer taking snaps of the scene as the dogs sweep in and out of stands and along the carpet before any TV network can walk onto it and into place for the televised red carpet walk. We overheard from a security bomb squad team member that there is an entire room for the dogs in the hotel. The whole hotel is in shut-down mode, and security is everywhere at every door, lift and entry point. The lobby is filling fast with production people, stylists and press agents including Richard Wilkins and Richard Reid from Channel Nine, hanging about to get this show on the road. All the usual Hollywood networks – ET, E!, Instagram, NBC, People, you name it – are lined up with a range of different looking stages. In reality, it all looks much smaller than it does on the telly!

Our hotel room has a view over the start of the red carpet where the limousines drop the celebrities off. We also look at out over the FOX party venue where they have transformed a marquee into a huge bar and party venue on the top of the car park. The HBO party has been built over the hotel’s pool!

Off to have a shave and shower!



Our Tickets have arrived…..

Our ticket informs us that there are 332 tables for the event, and there is no recording in the room permitted. Here is a breakdown of the event proceedings:

2.30 cocktails

3.30 Champagne dinner

4.30 doors close

5.00 awards presentation.



We are about to head down to the hotel bar to see who we can see. The red carpet looks ready to go and you can hear the generators outside the hotel. There are billboards and signage around Los Angeles for the Golden Globes. Stay tuned….



We are staying on the top floor of The Beverly Hilton Hotel which looks out over Beverly Hills. The entire hotel has been given over to the Golden Globes where the drive way is now completely covered in red carpet and hedges and topiary have been bought in and put into place. The large Golden Globes signage is in place and we have watched them create the setting from a driveway. Instagram, E! Entertainment have their platforms and booths along the red carpet ready for the televised recording. Inside the hotel, beautiful white orchids fill huge vases along one wall, curtains are draped into the giant ballroom where the show will take place, and there are TV screens everywhere. The after party spaces are also being built. One large marquee is being built below our room on top of a car park and the HBO party have taken over the pool area and have built a floor half way across the pool. The hotel itself is surrounded by security and large generators and make-up vans and portable toilets! As the entrance to the hotel is now taken up by the  red carpet you can only enter The Beverly Hilton via an underground carpark. Giant Golden Globe statues line the lobby. You can’t move anywhere in the hotel without some reference to the Golden Globes. There is even a giant cage of two birds near the hotels lifts that look ready to party.



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