Beauty Spot: M.A.C Makeup Studio, New York

Upper East Manhattan is home to the world’s only M.A.C studio, making it a must-visit for any M.A.C enthusiast. “The studio space came out of the need for women wanting to get their make-up done like their hair is in salon: you can book an appointment and go in for a service and get 45 minutes to an hour of undivided attention,” says M.A.C Senior Artist Michelle Clarke. While the studio still sells M.A.C’s entire line of products, the focus is the services offered: there’s everything on offer from one-on-one tutorials, full faces or focus features – think bold lips, metallic eyes and perfected skin.  “We were able to pick and choose the services we thought would be most effective. It’s all customisable, so you can mix and match the services you want. There are clients that come in every day to get their foundation done.”

M.A.C Makeup Studio, at 63rd, 825 Lexington Ave, New York. You can explore the services and book an appointment here. 

Spring Skincare Series: Change up your skincare

If you’re finding your go-to skincare isn’t performing quite like it used to, spring is the perfect time re-evaluate your beauty regimen. These four simple steps will ensure you get the best results from your refreshed routine.

1. Reassess your skin’s needs

As the season changes, so does your skin. While the chilly winter months and low humidity levels can leave skin parched and in need of extra hydration, sultry spring and summer temperatures can create other problems. As the heat and humidity level rises, pesky beads of sweat can lead to an increase in oil and bacteria – that favourite nourishing moisturiser that saw you skin through the cooler seasons might start to weigh your skin down. Before you rush out to the beauty counter, take some time getting to know your skin and figuring out what your main skincare concerns are.

2. Refine your routine

Despite the plethora of skincare options at our disposal, no beauty regimen should be complicated or overwhelming. Get back to basics, starting with cleansing – according to skincare experts one of the simplest skincare mistakes that we make is not cleansing for long enough. “Thorough night cleansing is the essential first step to ensure the performance of a night-time skincare regimen, as residual impurities, building throughout the day, create damaging free radicals in skin that can accelerate to the look of premature ageing in the skin,” explains Hayley Gardiner, education manager for Estée Lauder New Zealand.

Try: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Cleansing Balm ($85). The unique balm formula melts onto skin, removing make-up and impurities, preparing your skin for your following beauty routine.

3. Add an essence

Not quite a serum and definitely not a toner, essences have taken the beauty world by storm. Packed with active ingredients this important addition to your skincare routine not only hydrates, strengthens and smoothes skin, when included after cleansing and before your usual skincare serum – can boost the efficacy of the following steps in your regimen.

Try: Estée Lauder Micro Essence ($78) may glide onto skin like water, but the nourishing formula helps to hydrate, plump and calm skin.

4. Try something new

There’s never a dull moment in the beauty world with skincare scientists discovering new and wonderful youth-restoring ingredients all the time. Estée Lauder’s latest creation, Revitalizing Supreme +, combines the best of science and nature to create a potent, nourishing formula that keeps skin looking younger for longer. Infused with the power of the miraculous Moringa tree extract, the formula plumps, firms, hydrates and restores radiance to skin.

Try: Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Crème ($162 for 50mls)