Be inspired by these home decor trends for 2019

MiNDFOOD looks at a few of the big home decor trends still shaping 2019.

From the latest neutral colour palates and DIY decorating trends to minimalistic interior design ideas, 2019 is the year for returning to nature and making your living space uniquely you.

Natural wood

Wood instantly gives warmth to an interior, whether it is a piece of furniture, a floor or even a wall of wood.

Don’t hide your beautiful beams with paint or ceiling panels. Expose them and just protect them with a transparent lacquer and they will look beautiful. Incorporate a natural edge dining table or coffee table into your kitchen or living room. 

While white kitchens may have been the trend over the past few years, this clean look will quietly give way to more natural wood finishes. 

Sustainable and natural fabrics

Across homes, sustainable and natural fabrics are going to be a key trend that will hit the mainstream in 2019. Look for it in upholstered furniture, throws, cushions and tapestries. The movement towards natural fabrics speaks to the broader conversations across design right now that is all about embracing a peaceful retreat from crazy, modern life.

Earthy tones

Just flick through a home decor magazine or watch your Instagram feed to see that this colour palette is back.

A transition to a more conscious living is reflected in green and earth interiors. A mixture of beige and grey is coming back, as neutral tones and richer colors such as terracotta, deeper blues and warm greens.

Vintage furniture

Antique and vintage furniture pieces will always hold a value of their own, but now they have found a new design role. Most of the people who bought antique furniture in the past had a vintage home design. Now home designers have started to combine antique and vintage furniture pieces with modern home design and the result is fantastic.

Your personal touch

For those of you who thought that the trend of handmade crafted furniture and accesories would go away we have news, it’s now bigger than ever. Handmade DIY pieces in shabby chic style are a huge trend because you can incorporate them in almost any design. Don’t be afraid to even try to make a piece by yourself.

Always remember, trends are first and foremost sources of inspiration, but they can also serve as a guide when you are about to decorate (or redecorate) your space. What makes an interior unique is the personal touch you bring to it.

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10 things you never knew about ‘Grand Designs’

Who is the Hollywood mega-fan of Grand Designs? 10 things you never knew about TV’s favourite home show.

Presented by designer and writer Kevin McCloud, the British television series Grand Designs, each episode, follows different people who have set out to pursue their vision of a dream home by building it themselves.

We take a look at some interesting facts about this innovative show:

  1. Each episode of Grand Designs takes at least a year to film. However, one build took 10 years.
  2. Presenter Kevin McCloud has never seen a fully finished episode as he refuses to watch himself on TV.
  3. McCloud often improvises his famous monologues on the day of filming.
  4. He was a member of the famous Cambridge Footlights drama society alongside Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.
  5. He is a trained building historian and works part-time for the Society of the Protection of Ancient Buildings. He founded his own architectural consultancy HAB in 2007 (the initials stand for Happiness, Architecture, Beauty).
  6. 2019 will see the 20th anniversary of the inaugural episode of Grand Designs.
  7. McCloud was diagnosed with asthma at age 16 and is about to present the show’s first ‘healthy house’.
  8. In Germany the show is called Der Weg Zum Traumhaus, which translates to The Road To A Dream House.
  9. McCloud has only ever visited Ikea once. He bought a rug.
  10. Meryl Streep is a self-confessed Grand Designs “addict”.