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Resene Amazonia Wallpaper Collection 91250.
Resene Amazonia Wallpaper Collection 91250.
Wallpaper not only continues to trend upwards, but people are becoming more courageous with their choices.

That’s the word from Aspiring Walls’ marketing and design manager Terry Isaako, who says people are making bigger and bolder decisions in the home. “Homeowners are opting for bold designs not just as feature walls but as entire wallcoverings for the likes of powder rooms.”

Resene colour consultant Brooke Calvert has found people have had time to think about what they really want in their home, and are investing more personal touches into their space. “Wallpaper can add a sense of comfort in these testing times and as they are a lot more user-friendly now, why not make a bold statement that you can enjoy.”

And as technology advances, we’re seeing more innovative designs and textures.

Go lush with tropic exotic

While the “tropic exotic” aesthetic has been around for a while now, it is still trending with more variations of lush over-sized banana leaves and wild and exotic animal-scapes.

Resene Utopia Wallpaper Collection 91112.

Majestic florals remain timeless and never go out of fashion, though the move to larger-scaled dark florals in murals has been popular of late. “Bold tropical florals look fabulous teamed with timber panelling below with a colour pulled from the wallpaper design,” says Calvert.

Colour-wise, consider warm and inviting tones, think terracotta, earthy sand and neutrals, sage green and warm greys.

“While trends are great, it is also important to choose something that reflects well with your personality,” she advises.

Paintable wallpapers offer the freedom to create

Paintable wallpapers such as the Resene Anaglypta Wallpaper Collection continue to trend as they give homeowners the freedom to create a unique look with a vast range of patterns that can be painted in any Resene colour, from matte to metallic, subtle to bold.

“The colourways are changing up – with geometrics you can see monochromatic colourways for a more paired back simple interior, or bright and bold for those who are feeling brave,” says Calvert.

While bold florals continue to reign, fun and whimsical designs continue to be a mainstay through the likes of animal motif designs, colourful speckle designs or florals.

Resene Utopia Wallpaper Collection 91073.

“I love wallpaper in a bathroom/powder room, I think it’s the perfect space to introduce wallpaper as it’s not often a large area to do, and it’s a great starting place to decide if you would like to add more throughout the house,” says Calvert.

Isaako agrees, saying homeowners are finding ways to inject their quirky tastes and personalities into an otherwise ‘safe’ and neutral interior.

He describes one project, a living room entirely wallpapered with a modern black and white design featuring an isometric drawing of a town.

“One would think that this would be too busy as a backdrop to bright coloured repurposed Victorian furniture in the space, but it worked brilliantly!

“The juxtaposition between the two styles sets the wallpaper as the perfect subtle backdrop and makes for some unexpected inspiration.”

Don’t dismiss the ‘fifth wall’

Another way to inject uniqueness into an interior is through what is described as the fifth wall, or ceiling.

“From a simple geometric paper, Resene Anaglypta wallpaper painted in a favourite Resene colour to something dramatic like a renaissance mural, there just seems to be a heightened sense of sophistication when this is done,” says Isaako.

In fact, wallpaper itself is still considered a form of art.

Resene Folies Wallpaper Collection FOL503.

“Wallpaper is becoming even more of a form of art because the range of artistic wallpapers available on the market are hybrids of styles and pull inspiration from classical aesthetics such as old Dutch-master still life oil paintings, to impressionism (think Monet and Renoir) to abstract and graphic contemporary artworks,” says Isaako.

Master bedroom feature walls are a popular choice and, in some cases, people are wallpapering a couple of drops rather than entire walls to create interest.

Create a custom wallpaper with Resene

To create a custom look, Resene WallPrint allows people to create their own wallpaper from a photo or print. Simply upload a photo, add the dimensions of the wall and the user will receive numbered wallpaper strips cut to size.

Murals remain on-trend too, mostly in foyers or bedrooms.

“Murals are intended for maximum impact, take a beautiful landscape/cityscape that features in a main living area for all to see.”

Resene Utopia Wallpaper Collection 99345.

Things to consider

For those selecting Resene wallpaper to work with an existing scheme, consider the colour of permanent fixtures such as flooring, curtains, and furniture, which will ensure for a well-balanced scheme.

For those starting from scratch, wallpaper can be a good starting point towards the home’s style.

“Look at selecting Resene paint colours that complement or pulling colours out of the paper to work in the rest of the space,” says Calvert.

Large patterns can make a room feel smaller and cosier whereas a small pattern can make a space appear larger. For those opting for a strong impact wallpaper, try to introduce a complementary colour through the likes of a lamp or rug.

Choose what makes you happy, says Calvert, rather than something you think is on trend and must have.

Resene Willow Wallpaper Collection 2008-143-02 (left) and Resene Willow Wallpaper Collection 2008-143-01 (right).

“At the end of the day it is in your home and you are the one who will be left looking at it.”

Once the selection is narrowed down, order a sample of the final choices to see how the pattern or texture repeats and make sure it will work in the home.  Alternatively, most wallpaper books can be borrowed from Resene ColorShops.

Whatever the wallpaper, both Calvert and Isaako say it can transform a space with minimal effort.

“Wallpaper has the ability to add visual impact with the injection of pattern, texture and colour,” says Isaako. “In today’s world, we are looking to reflect our lifestyle in the interior of our homes and wallpaper offers us the opportunity to do this.”

Visit your local Resene ColorShop for all the expert advice and products you need.





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