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Fill the tub: Aromatic new bath and shower options to cleanse and nourish


Ashley & Co Wash up body wash
With the cold weather and darkness falling in the early evening at this time of year there’s more reasons than usual to draw a warm tub and luxuriate a while.

Numerous studies have shown health benefits of bathing, something some cultures have believed for centuries.

While much of recent focus has centered around ice baths for improving exercise recovery, mental health and boosting immunity, the old fashioned way, a warm dip, has plenty of good to offer too.

It’s why plenty of soaking options have been recently been added to spa menus around the world.

Studies have shown warm baths can help lower blood pressure, blood sugar levels and improve cardiovascular health. Taking some time out without pressing daily admin, work or a screen can be beneficial too. 

How to make a bath even better? Rouse the senses with a beautiful aroma and some skin-loving ingredients thanks to the latest bath additions.

Glow Lab has two new bath products to create a relaxing and restful soak. Bath Blends, basically a bubble bath solution for grown ups, can be added to the tub while it’s filling. The Hydrate blend has aloe vera and coconut oil as well as glycerin, betaine and shea butter to quench skin and restore moisture, leaving skin feeling soft and supple. The Sleep blend is boosted with magnesium and lavender, to de-stress, and promote a peaceful mind and a good night’s sleep.

If you’re after more intense relaxation, sans bubbles, try Glow Lab’s Bath Salts. A relaxing epsom and Himalayan salt blend soothes tired muscles and also comes in a magnesium and lavender ‘Sleep’ formula or a nourishing ‘Hydrate’ option. 

No tub at home? Gently cleanse with Ashley & Co’s beautiful new body wash instead. A PH-balanced, botanical formula loaded with beneficial plant-based essential oils, it comes with the kiwi brand’s popular upbeat floral Tui & Kahili scent.

Breathe in deep when you use Clarins Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate, that combines the scent of lavender with chamomile and bitter orange essential oils for a soothing aromatherapy treat. Under the effect of heat the foaming shower gel releases its soothing aromatic vapours for a spa-like moment of wellbeing. The brand’s Eau Extraordinaire Revitalising Shower Milk offers a more creamy, rich option for dry skin and combines the revitalising scent of Eau Extraordinaire essential oils with nourishing organic sweet almond oil. 

Image (top): Ashley & Co


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