Divine Design: Contemporary Apartment Living

This classic fourth-floor Parisian apartment has been completely reworked to introduce light throughout the entire space. A minimal colour palette creates a clean, sophisticated atmosphere and provides the perfect backdrop for statement furniture. Textured materials including marble and black walnut add depth to enclosed rooms, while rich carpets in the bedroom and walk-in wardrobe enhance warmth.

Clean lines and a sparse colour palette lend this stylish, modern apartment an elegant simplicity.

Photography by Stephan Julliard for MiNDFOOD.

Landscape design tips you need for winter

Don’t let the cooling weather take you away from your outdoor haven. A few small landscape design changes can easily make outdoor spaces more inviting for longer.

Winter means plenty of new options for styling and landscaping outdoors. Although we might not feel like spending much time out outside during the colder months, Landart Landscapes founder and creative director, Matt Leacy, says a warming outdoor space can make for some great winter nights. He shares his top landscape design tips for transforming your courtyard or garden into an ambient space to cosy up during winter. 

Burn, baby, burn

Leacy’s number one tip is to bring warmth outdoors. For the ultimate in outdoor heating, he recommends a fire pit. “Fire pits provide a functional and stylish way to warm your outdoor spaces,” he says. “You can sit by the fire and chat with friends and family, cook food – and they’re great for disposing of branches that may have fallen from your trees.” Keep your wood stacked visibly for added effect.

Stay neutral

“Neutral tones always complement the cooler months”, Leacy says. Stick with whites, grey, beiges and soft browns for a warming feel.

Stay sheltered

“Increase cover and protection so that wind and rain become less of a factor,” Leacy advises. “You might look to introduce some enclosed walls around key outdoor areas, especially the likes of outdoor living rooms, patio areas and outdoor kitchens, which often get used less in the cooler months.” If you are not ready to commit to a backyard pavilion, covered pergolas, retractable awnings and gazebos can also be really good autumn additions. “And you can style the space internally to inject warmth, and then rethink the look and accents as you move into other warmer seasons,” he adds.

If you’re thinking about a refurb of your backyard, consider these three elements perfect for creating your very own great outdoors.