Safeguard your skin against ageing using professional products based on science-backed ingredients and therapies. Add these potent formulas to your daily beauty regime and farewell fine lines and other visible signs of skin ageing.

These top-five products (pictured) were chosen because of their scientific combination of ingredients, including peptides, AHAs, vitamin A and DNA enzymes, a revolutionary skin protection technology to reduce the effect of damage associated with premature skin ageing. Other key essential ingredients include SPF protection, a must in every anti-ageing routine, as well as antioxidants.

From powerful serums to repair and reduce the appearance of fine lines to intensely hydrating moisturisers, these five favourites will reveal a firmer, more youthful appearance.

Ageing action

Humans have always been fascinated by anti-ageing. The quest for new pharmaceutical technologies in today’s professional skincare products shows noticeable results long term. To address anti-ageing concerns or delay the signs of ageing, try these latest anti-ageing products to see a clear difference and improved skin health.

Damaged cells

“Antioxidants are still the wave of the future in skincare anti-ageing therapy,” says scientist Joe Lewis. “Damage accumulation from oxidative stress is the fundamental cause of ageing, and antioxidants are our defence against oxidative stress.
A wrinkle is born as a result of oxidative stress. Like it or not, we are slowly oxidising.”

Complex formula

Lewis says to look out for anti-ageing products that revolve around the Idebenone Complex, “which has been shown to correct oxidative stress on a cellular level, helping to block multiple pathways of cellular free-radical mediated damage, thereby allowing the cell the time for cell repair and rejuvenation.”

Full body focus

“One important aesthetic trend is the awareness of treating anti-ageing for the entire body. More people are investing in treatments beyond the face that focus on protecting and perfecting the body,” says Neal Kitchen, VP of strategy and development at HydroPeptide.

In our genes

Another trend, according to Dr Neal Kitchen, is epigenetic research and how it applies to our skin health. “This is a very hot and important trend for the future of anti-ageing. Understanding how our genetic material is regulated and how it changes as we age will be critical to future innovation,” says Kitchen.

Your regimen

Be proactive in taking care of your skin, say our skincare experts. Many people embrace the mantra of eating well and exercising to keep a healthy body and prevent disease as they age, but often treat skin care as reactive. Be proactive in protecting your skin and developing a regimen with the right products for your skin. For expert advice, see your trusted skincare professional.

From left to right: HydroPeptide Power Lift, PRIORI Cellular Recovery Serum, Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Action Protector, (top) Elizabeth Arden PRO Age Defying Serum and True Solutions All Day Moisture SPF30+ Photography by Sevak Babakhani.

From left to right: HydroPeptide Power Lift, PRIORI Cellular Recovery Serum, Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Action Protector, (top) Elizabeth Arden PRO Age Defying Serum and True Solutions All Day Moisture SPF30+ Photography by Sevak Babakhani.


PRIORI Cellular Recovery Serum ($119)
The combination of enzymes and vitamins in this “booster” activate the anti-ageing properties of other products while encouraging cells to self-heal. Reduce signs of past skin ageing by adding this to your daily regimen.

HydroPeptide Power Lift ($140)
Use this rich cream to take advantage of the multi-performance peptides, pineapple ceramide and Chilean boldo tree extract – all essential in anti-ageing and moisturising.

Elizabeth Arden PRO Age Defying Serum ($180)
The proprietary ingredients and antioxidants in this serum work fast to improve skin texture, radiance and tone. Reverse the signs of ageing with this power serum.

Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Action Protector ($99)
This formula provides three levels of skin protection: sunscreen, an antioxidant complex and a DNA enzyme complex, powerful ingredients to defend skin.

True Solutions All Day Moisture SPF30+ ($60)
Combining a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a moisturising base that soothes and helps protect skin from the elements, this cream has a tint for light, but long-lasting, coverage.

See our Salon Guide for details on where to purchase these top-five products for anti-ageing.

The pyramid of skincare

The plethora of skincare options available today is enough to perplex the most informed of beauty enthusiasts. With beauty buzzwords emerging on a regular basis and products promising to smooth this and correct that, it’s becoming harder to decipher what works, what doesn’t. What ingredients do we need to include in our beauty regimen to see real results? Joe Lewis, the scientist behind some of beauty’s leading anti-ageing products, teamed up with Elizabeth Arden PRO to create a simple, yet scientific, approach that consumers and professionals could use to make educated decisions with skincare.

The Skin Health and Beauty Pyramid aims to take the guesswork out of purchasing the ideal products for your skin concerns, using scientifically proven ingredients that work. Breaking down the pyramid Essential ingredients that we should be incorporating into our daily beauty routine to protect and repair skin create the Pyramid Base. Without ingredients to protect skin against sun and environmental exposure, every other step taken to improve skin health would be undermined.

The pyramid highlights the importance of using SPF daily to reduce the risk of sunburn, skin cancer and the signs of ageing. Although sunscreen plays an important role in skin health, SPF is unable to block all UV radiation and cannot block pollution or cigarette smoke, which is where antioxidants come into play. Depending on their concentration and type, antioxidants are able to reduce DNA and cellular damage and provide beauty benefits including enhancing collagen, reducing the signs of ageing and improving radiance.

The third foundation ingredient, DNA enzymes, has been scientifically proven to play a critical role in providing skin cells protection against oxidative stress from UV exposure and other environmental stressors. The elements in the Pyramid Core are vital in transforming skin. To combat the changes that come with ageing and UV exposure, retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are essential. Lactic and glycolic acid both have moisturising and exfoliating benefits. While other ingredients that proclaim to nourish and moisturise often just provide skin with a barrier to decrease water loss, AHAs have been clinically proven to activate moisture retention within the skin. Retinoids, such as vitamin A and its derivatives, are able to kickstart cellular metabolism and boost production of collagen. When AHAs are paired with retinoids, the two become a transformative powerhouse essential for serious skin change.

The Top of the Pyramid– peptides and growth factors – is the icing on the cake. Both stimulate the process that signals cells to make proteins, boosting skin renewal. “These ingredients promise impressive results, but are not ‘stand alone’ to deliver the kind of results we see with AHAs and retinoids,” says Lewis.