A day in the life of HUGO BOSS’s womenswear buyer

Erin Simpson, HUGO BOSS’s head of womenswear for Asia Pacific, shares her must-know styling tips. 

What does a day in the world of fashion buying look like for you?

Every day is different! A large part of my role involves visiting the markets I buy for and ensuring their needs are met in terms of product and sizing requirements. I always have my finger on the pulse and keep up to date with the local trends, street style and what competitors are doing. A lot of travel is involved, I fly to our headquarters in Germany several times a year to view the new collections and present local knowledge feedback to help shape the looks of the season.

Over the next few weeks, I will be based in the office buying for Spring Summer 2018.

What will you be wearing this winter?

A statement coat. One of the most important purchases of the season is the winter coat and I think it is worth investing in one that can transform an outfit and really make a statement. There are so many fabulous styles coming through this season with beautiful detailing, patterns and embroidery. The black and white check coat from BOSS womenswear is a great example and one of my ‘must haves’ for the season.

What should every woman have in their wardrobe?

I think a beautiful knit – a cashmere sweater is the cornerstone of every woman’s wardrobe: it’s versatile, comfortable and adds a touch of luxury.


Erin Simpson, head of womenswear for HUGO BOSS Asia Pacific.

Favorite trend of the moment?

I love how varied fashion is at the moment, not just the amount of print, texture and interesting fabrics but also the play on proportions – there are lots of new silhouettes and shapes coming through for women to experiment with. I’m loving the new midi-length that we are seeing lots of.

Favorite piece from the current collection?

My favourite outfit from the current collection and in store now would have to be the blue knit dress paired back with a cool sneaker and a chic bag. The athleisure trend is dominating right now and this look channels it perfectly.

Can you give us a sneak peek of what we might see from HUGO BOSS in the coming seasons?

We have a beautiful fall/winter collection coming in from July, it focuses heavily on soft construction and easy dressing with modern feminine detailing. It incorporates lots of beautiful prints and interesting fabric finishes including metallic and plisse.


How to get radiant, healthy skin and keep it

Gone are the days of anti-ageing beauty talk; as far as our skin is concerned: healthy, glowing, even-toned skin is beauty’s new holy grail. We talk to Caci Training Academy Manager, Sonya Hatangadi, about what it means to have healthy skin, how to get healthy skin and how to look after it once you’ve got it.

What is healthy skin?

Healthy skin is confident skin. We all have our own definitions that make us comfortable in our own skin. The list can be long and varied but healthy skin is hydrated, glowing, even in colour, firm and tight. These are all factors that contribute to skin confidence.

What factors can impact on skin health?

Our skin changes over time, and what was once flawless and smooth, can start to show signs of loss of tone, texture and clarity. Intrinsic ageing, caused by the genes we inherit, is natural skin ageing. Extrinsic ageing, caused by environmental factors such as sun exposure, smoking, alcohol, repetitive facial expression – among others, contributes to premature skin ageing. To an extent, extrinsic factors are something we can control and improve on, and change to restore youthfulness that has previously been lost.

What are the benefits of having regular treatments as opposed to one-off treatments?

Good skin takes time, and Caci has over 20 years’ experience in skin treatments. We know that ‘one off’ treatments are a great way to treat your skin – but for truly long lasting results, investing in a Skin Health Plan is the key to achieving results. This helps you achieve fresher, brighter and healthier skin for longer. Everybody deserves to have great skin…it’s just one of the things we do best.


What lifestyle changes are important for skin health?

Lifestyle factors play a huge part in the appearance and health of our skin. The pursuit skin confidence doesn’t have to be difficult if you remember a few fundamentals it can not only prevent various skin concerns but also help maintait skin health.

Here are a few of the most important factors to set you on your way for healthy, glowing skin:

  • Develop a good skincare routine: Sunscreen or an SPF moisturiser every single day to protect UV damage
  • Hydration and diet: Keeping well hydrated combined with a healthy diet, high in fruit and vegetables will help to improve your overall health, as well as your skin.
  • Sleep: Getting enough sleep regularly can ensure that our skin looks younger and healthier. That 7-8 hours per night can help to combat a tired and dull skin.

What happens at a consultation for a Caci Skin Health plan?

During a consultation at Caci, you will meet with a Treatment Coordinator to discuss your skin concerns. Together, we will work on the best plan of action to achieve your best skin; ensuring you fully understand your concerns, and the treatments to achieve the best results. Once an individual plan is created, we will schedule a series of treatments to suit you and your budget.

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