5 ways to decorate your entryway


Stylish home entryway
The entryway to your home offers a lasting first impression for guests. It sets the tone for what's ahead and so should mimic the wider approach of your home and living spaces.

But the entryway is often also an important logistical location for the home’s occupants, moving in and out of the dwelling. So while décor is important, so too is the practical function of the space.

Here are five ways to make the area an appealing and useful entry point to your home:

Stylish storage

To avoid the area quickly becoming a dumping zone, an organised foyer requires smart storage solutions. Many people will walk through the door and put their keys down, store a bag or coat, and perhaps even take their shoes off.

For a small space, storage could include coat hooks to hang jackets and bags and a floating shelf to house a bowl for keys and bits and bobs. A corner can be turned into an entryway by placing a tall stool or tall table into the nook and decorating with a bowl and vase.

A larger space could accommodate built-in closets for coats, a shoe rack or a decorative chair or statement settee that can be used while putting shoes on or taking them off.

For a longer and larger area, consider the motion of movement down the hallway and what you generally do while moving through the space. For example shoe storage by the door, a table for your keys and coat storage further down.

If you have awkward spaces to fill, say an area under the stairs, consider having custom shelving or seating built-in to fill the gap and make it user-friendly.

An elegant console


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One of the most useful items of storage is a console table or shelving unit. A long hallway in particular looks fabulous if it is wide enough to accommodate a console.

A closed in console with cupboards is a useful space for storage while open shelves and the top can be styled with a large vase, decorative bowls, plants, fresh flowers, picture frames or stacks of books.

A mirror

Entryways can sometimes be dimly lit. Maximise the light in the space and make the area appear bigger by hanging a large mirror, preferably above the console table. That way it can also be used to check your appearance when exiting or entering the house.

Pendant light

Both smaller and longer entryways benefit from beautiful and considered lighting. Consider the chandeliers of old, that were often found in these spaces for good reason.  Many modern entryways are perfect to accommodate an eye-catching or artistic pendant light and it frees up space when you don’t need a lamp on your console.

Smaller pendants can also be placed at equal distance down a long hallway.

An inviting rug

If you have tiles or wooden floors, choose a rug that fills, but doesn’t overwhelm the space. Entryways and hallways are high-traffic spaces and can be busy visually, so a stylish but simple design that can stand up to a bit of wear and tear (and mud!) is a good idea.

A runner for the hallway floor helps lead the eye and looks warm and inviting for guests. It also helps with reducing noise and echo.


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