5 tips for choosing a headboard


5 tips for choosing a headboard
A headboard is one of the first things you notice when you enter a bedroom.

As the focal point of your bedroom, your bed and surrounds should set the tone of the room and add interest and depth.

Seeking a calm and cosy environment? Choose soft textures and a serene colour palette. Prefer a modern vibe? Sleek, balanced lines and a dearth of fussiness are the way to go. Crazy about colour? It’s the perfect place to show it off!

This advice should also extend to choosing a headboard to fill, but not overwhelm your space, anchor your bed and create an inviting visual statement.

The exciting thing is, changing your headboard and then the linens to match, is a great way to revamp a room without having to do extensive redecorating.

Size matters

This aspect is key. Vast rooms allow for tall showstoppers that stand out, or wider and lower Scandi-style headboards. But if it’s a smaller room or you have lower ceilings, gentler curves and a scaled down option is a better idea.

Ensure you choose the right size to match the size of your bed and remember to factor proportion into your choice as well: wider beds will need to have a taller headboard to look right.

If you want to hang artwork above the bed this may play into the size you choose also.

Complement your bedroom furniture

One easy way to guide your headboard choice is to mirror the style of the accompanying furniture you have, or want to have in your room.

Interior designers suggest starting with a single inspiration piece, such as a pair of curtains, and build the room around it. If you have layered textures and rustic reclaimed wood, mimic that with your headboard, or go romantic with a high, upholstered and tufted headboard with a nailhead trim.

If you choose a darker color, the headboard will become the focal point, whereas lighter colors provide a more casual look that lets other items, like linen and pillows, retain the attention.

Consider how much time you spend in bed

Besides sleeping, if you like to read, watch TV, scroll on your phone or just hang out in bed, choosing a headboard that supports sitting upright is a good idea.

Think about what kind of back support you like to have while you are in bed and how much support you want to get from pillows and cushions.

Upholstered headboards can be soft but can need extra care. Things like sweat, makeup and the natural oils in our skin and hair can all leave a mark.

Think about storage

Forgoing separate bedside tables and choosing a headboard with built-in storage is a clever way to maximize space. They can also look visually minimalist, depending on the design.

Think about what you would like to keep close to you while in bed. Is it a book, a drink bottle or technology like an iPad or phone? Built-in book shelves can be a great way to showcase your current reads, while nooks that accommodate charging devices can be a must-have for some.

However if you dislike clutter, seek out an option with hidden storage to tuck necessary items away, but still keep them within reach.

A built-in design that encompasses the walls or a room divider is another fun way to visually create a headboard without using a traditional design.

Embrace creativity

A headboard is a design element where you can have a bit of fun, so consider having one custom-made with a fabric that speaks to you, or try re-upholstering one yourself.

Hanging a drop of fabric or a statement rug behind the bed can create a focal point without needing a heavy headboard, or you could use bold paint to section the room as though it has a headboard.

Repurposing a vintage item, like folding silk or lacquer screens behind the bed is a another stunning idea.


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