10 top lifestyle tips from Meghan Markle


10 top lifestyle tips from Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle shares her top ten tips for living well and why it's important to find balance in yourself.

Before she married into royalty, Meghan Markle was best known for her role as paralegal Rachel Zane on Suits. But the American beauty has worked in a number of other areas, including as a global ambassador for World Vision Canada and an advocate for the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.

In 2014, Markle created a lifestyle blog called The Tig, self-described as a “hub for the discerning palate—those with a hunger for food, travel, fashion & beauty.” The blog explored Markle’s thoughts and tips on style, health, wellbeing and culture.

The Duchess with Gloria Steinem Credit: @makerswomen, Instagram

Here are 10 tips that the now Duchess of Sussex shared before closing The Tig:

1. Enjoy staying in

“Sometimes jumping on a plane, train or automobile isn’t on the cards, and your only opportunity to vacate is at home sweet home,” Markle wrote. “I give myself the luxury of downtime. We are all so incredibly busy and juggling so many things but I always take an hour to just decompress, watch mindless TV, snuggle with my dogs and enjoy a glass of wine. That’s all part of the investment. It’s a balance.”

2. Read a classic book

“Here’s the thing – just as with the movie, The Notebook, I have never seen these endlessly romantic love stories that people speak about with such tremendous adoration, nor have I read the books of which they are based. So…this is the time. Not for The Notebook, but rather to dig into the epic World War II love affair called, The English Patient. There’s a reason it’s a classic. I’m about to discover why.”

3. Make time to exercise

“My health, my state of mind, the feeling you have after a workout; all of these things drive me to step onto my mat or go to the gym. Sometimes the idea of working out sounds absolutely dreadful, but I always remind myself of how good it will feel afterward. Euphoric, almost!”

4. Embrace spending time alone

Markle recommends “seeing a movie alone” and “taking yourself out to dinner” on occasion. She encourages people to “laugh loudly and unapologetically alone while in public. To simply be.”  In a post titled ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, Markle adds that she spent nearly a month trying to “eat everything, pray (and meditate) often, and simply love my life, every ounce of it.”

Prince Harry and Meghan attend a cooking demonstration, where children from under-privileged backgrounds learn traditional Moroccan recipes, at the Villa des Ambassadors in Rabat, Morocco, February 25, 2019.

5. Eat spicy food

“Everything tastes better with a little hot sauce,” Markle says in a questionnaire.

6. Look after your skin

Markle recommends regular facials to hydrate and maintain the skin. “When I was 13 years old, my mom had me start getting facials in my hometown of Los Angeles,” she wrote, adding that her mother told her “You must always take care of your skin.” Markle also says that often she prefers to wear very minimal makeup to allow her skin to breathe.


Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, during their visit to Bondi Beach,  Australia October 19, 2018. 

7. Combine kindness with sustainability

For the ultimate wellness boost, Markle advises giving “holiday gifts that give back”.

The Duchess of Sussex joins in with the local dancers on a royal tour to South Africa

8. Travel smart

“Jetsetting (for work or pleasure) comes with its own set of complications. The foremost issue is self-care. It’s easy to run yourself ragged, hopping from locale to another, sometimes feeling homesick, other times just feeling plain-old sick,” she writes. Markle’s must-pack travel items include wet wipes, cotton swabs dabbed in Neosporin (to insert in the nose and avoid sickness), a cosy scarf or blanket, and a Go Pro. Markle also advises being efficient with timing and packing. She recommends eating at the correct mealtimes of the area you are in.

9. Try new food combinations

One of Markle’s favourite treats is Red Wine Hot Chocolate. “Combining two of every lady’s classic loves, wine and chocolate, this remarkably easy yet decadent dessert has been the talk of the town this season,” she wrote.

10. Enjoy life

“It wasn’t long ago (cough – about ten years ago – cough) that I only had $40 in my bank account, that I could barely book an audition, and that my circle of friends was even smaller,” Markle admitted. “But even then, without all the pomp and circumstance, I made time to celebrate my life. Maybe it was a pizza and bottle of two buck chuck from Trader Joe’s with a couple girlfriends, tucked in for the night sitting on my living room floor. Or maybe it was a dance party in my tiny apartment or a sobbing session to purge all of those feels with my nearest and dearest… Being present. Being vulnerable. The act of celebrating and really truly enjoying your life.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Photo Credit: REUTERS/Toby Melville

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