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10 Remedies for dry hair according to the experts


10 Remedies for dry hair according to the experts
What do we want? Luscious, shiny, healthy hair! When do we want it? Now!

Except, quite likely at the moment, your hair is slightly dry and dull, maybe even yanked up into a disheveled bun to hide the frizz. (It’s totally okay, we can relate!)

Environmental and lifestyle factors can often be to blame for our strands not looking their best, but not committing to good products designed for your hair type and lacking a consistent routine can also play a part. If you stick to a skincare routine, you can follow one for your hair and achieve equally good results!

Hairhouse are experts in great hair – how to care for it, and style it to achieve envy-inducing results. Not only do they have over 100 stores across Australia stocking the best haircare brands and tools, they are the biggest employer of hairdressers in the country in their salons – that’s a LOT of expertise to call on!

Naturally we’ve made use of it, seeking out some top tips to remedy dry hair.

Follow these steps to help return your hair to great shape that’s soft, shiny, frizz-free and more manageable.

  1.  Treat Your Hair Like You Would Your Skin

    If your hair looks dull, dehydrated and lacklustre, choose products that focus specifically on hydration. Biolage HydraSource Shampoo, is inspired by the ever-hydrated aloe plant. It gently cleanses hair without stripping it of moisture, leaving it hydrated and full of shine. Follow with Biolage HydraSource Conditioning Balm, that can be left on hair for up to three minutes and rinsed. The process locks in hydration and optimises moisture.

  2. Use a hair mask

    Choose a concentrated hair treatment mask to give dry hair a pick-me up. You can do a one-off, or add one to your routine once a week to ensure very dry or damaged hair gets the nourishment it needs.  To up the hydration factor on your hair mask, apply to damp hair and comb it through to remove all tangles and pulling, and wrap your hair in a heated towel while it goes to work. This will activate the ingredients in the mask and ensure they penetrate hair perfectly! You can rinse it out after a few minutes or leave it in longer while you watch another Netflix episode.

  3. Your Post-Salon S.O.S

    Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 goes even further, its advanced formulation designed to deeply repair and strengthen hair bonds key for hair health (and to prevent breakage and split ends) in one step. Just apply to towel-dried hair, leave for ten minutes and rinse. Ideal to fortify hair between salon visits, this is the final step in the Olaplex 3 system, the first two are applied in salon and are a god-send for strengthening hair that is weakened or dry and damaged from lightening, colouring or even just the damage we do with regular styling.  Ideally used with the in-salon steps but it can also be used alone and is suitable for all hair types and is vegan, colour-safe and cruelty-free. 

  4. Don’t Add Shine to Your Scalp!

    Topical shine makes all the difference to you hair, but you don’t need it at the scalp like you do at the ends of the hair. Kérastase Elixir Ultime Original Oil, is a truly iconic product that combines precious oils to leave hair soft and radiant. Apply from mid-lengths to ends of hair before or after styling to reduce split ends, protect hair from heat and reduce frizz. 

  5. Power Your Shower

    You can hydrate your hair in the shower without even popping the lid on your shampoo! Ensure water is cold or tepid, not hot! Cold water effectively seals the hair cuticle to retain hydration and moisture, whereas hot water opens the hair shaft and lets the good stuff out and the damage in!

  6. Make Time for A Trim

    The most significant sign of dry, dehydrated hair is in the ends. Keep your hair healthy with regular trims. Hairhouse experts suggest once every 6 – 8 weeks to prevent split ends.

  7. Brushing Hair Brings Brilliant Shine

    Regular brushing allows your natural hair oils to be gently dispersed through the hair. An icon of the industry, Mason Pearson Pure Boar Bristle Handy Brush is an investment buy but it will pay off in the health of your hair and intense shine. It has unique tufts of close-set bristles that lock in hair as you brush through preventing snagging and dragging. The unique rubber-cushion pad is also perfect for scalp massage.

  8. Choose a Heat Styler That Causes Less Damage

    With innovative infrared lights embedded within the dryer’s barrel, Muk Blow 3900 IR, disperses heat evenly into the hair shaft to provide a gentler, faster blow dry that prevents frizz and static and locks in high shine.

  9. Eat Omega-3’s

    A diet rich in Omega-3 and antioxidants is a surefire way to keep hair luxe and shiny. In the office, snack on walnuts and blueberries, and always throw some broccoli and tomatoes in your lunchtime salad. For dinner, forgo the red meat and opt for fatty fish like tuna or salmon.

  10. Don’t Over Do Your ‘Do!

    Styling products stack up in your hair, leaving it lacking lustre and dried out. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, be sure to have product-free days and dial it down with heat styling when you can. Give your hair the rest it needs to recoup some hydration.Whether you’re visiting a Hairhouse salon or asking a hair and beauty advisor in-store for some take-home hair advice, there’s plenty of knowledge to be shared. Hairhouse stores and salons have been around for more than 25 years and are also locally owned across Australia, so you’re also helping support a small business when you visit.


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