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10 easy party-ready beauty tips for a gorgeous night out


10 easy party-ready beauty tips for a gorgeous night out

Heading out on the town, marking a birthday or have another reason to celebrate? Pick and choose from these makeup tips and tricks to elevate your look from everyday to something special in a way that still feels like you. 

1. Prep with great skincare Whether you wear makeup or not, treating your skin with care before a party will make you look your glowiest regardless. If you do wear a full face, the right prep will help it last well without settling in creases. Many makeup artists insist on starting with a mask, which is where a hydrating 10 minute sheet mask can come in handy. Exfoliating the night before will also ensure colour won’t catch on dryer areas of skin. Otherwise, simply carry out your usual skincare regime including cleansing, any serums and moisturiser. Don’t forget eye cream beneath your eyes and a creamy balm for lips. Give everything time to sink in before starting your makeup so it doesn’t create a slip and slide on your skin. Try: L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Filler Replumping Sheet Mask.

2. Try a hydrating base – Incredibly matte foundations have been nudged over by finishes that look a little more like real skin, and they certainly flatter dryer, more mature complexions. Their formulas tend to have hydrating skincare ingredients and rather than providing a pancake finish, can be built up as needed. If minimising oil is a concern look for a balancing formula that will help control shine. Use a dense bristle foundation brush and start with a little, blending from the centre of the face outwards.  Try: Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation

L-R: L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Filler Replumping Sheet Mask.;Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation; Morphe Quad Goals Multi-Palette in Stay Golden; Lancôme Lash Idole Mascara; MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo; 

3. Play up a defining feature Makeup rules are subjective and should be discarded if you’re confident: if you feel great and looks good to you you should wear it! That being said, expert makeup artists will generally advise playing up one feature, usually your eyes or lips. This doesn’t mean you ignore the feature that isn’t getting the focus, simply use a more natural looking option.  Balance a stronger eye look with a dewy lip balm, or a neutral shade of lipstick. With a bold lip, concentrate on eye definition with an almost imperceptible brown pencil liner pressed along the base of lashes and a lick of glossy mascara. Try: Lancôme Lash Idole Mascara

4. Embrace some sparkleIf you can’t add a little bit of glitz for a party, when can you? It doesn’t have to mean embracing glitter, however, unless you want to. It could simply involve trying a wash of satin, metallic or shimmer-finish eyeshadow over your eyelids when you usually go for matte. Placing a touch of soft champagne or shimmery nude coloured shadow in the inner corners of your eyes also helps eyes to look wider and brighter. Choosing an eyeshadow palette that has a range of finishes means while you won’t use the more dramatic options every day, you’ll have them on hand when you want to up the impact. If you’re so inclined, try pressing a touch of glitter or a bolder shimmer shade gently to the center of your lids with a fingertip as a last step. Very black or grey smokey eye shadow application has largely been swapped for softer colours so try browns or plums and add just a touch of depth in the outer corners. Try: Morphe Quad Goals Multi-Palette in Stay Golden

5. Add some wow to your lipsA great dramatic lip is the easiest instant-evening makeup, regardless of the extent of the rest of your look. Red is a classic and there’s a shade to suit every skin tone but deeper pinky-nudes and bold berries are also great options. Using a lip liner to line and fill lips prior to application of lipstick can provide definition and longevity but with modern, very pigmented creamy or matte lip colours it’s now not essential. Try: MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo


L-R: Ardell Natural Lashes in Demi 120; Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder; Lancôme Fix It Forget It Setting Spray; Essie Treat Love & Color Nail Polish in Glow The Distance; Yves Saint Laurent Libre EDP

6. Full and fluttery lashes – Your eyelashes are often an afterthought, perhaps brushing through your usual mascara before running out the door, but adding attention here is a great way to really make a look more glamourous. First, use an eyelash curler to add lift and curl before layering 2 or 3 coats of mascara to ensure every lash is coated. If you’ve always shied away from the idea of adding false lashes, a party is the time to reconsider. There are beautifully natural options that give a little boost to your own set and they look great in photos. If you’re daunted by application, ask to have them applied at a makeup counter or by a makeup artist. Try: Ardell Natural Lashes in Demi 120

7. Powder strategically –  Full face powder application is outdated and can leave skin looking unnecessarily flat and dry. Instead, try a targeted approach by powdering only areas prone to shine or creasing. Using a big fluffy brush press powder into the forehead, between the eyebrows, on either side of the nose, above the lip, and on the chin. This maintains a beautiful glow in the right areas, and keeps the ‘hot-spots’ nice and matte. Try: Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder

8. Finish with setting spray Just as hairspray is to your flyaways and topcoat is to your mani, makeup setting spray helps with longevity. It keeps your makeup from smudging, creasing or fading until you want to remove it. Ensure you’re using a dedicated setting spray, rather than a finishing or refreshing facial mist, hold the bottle around 20-25cm away and with your eyes closed, spray your face lightly. Try: Lancôme Fix It Forget It Setting Spray

9. Don’t forget your nails You don’t have to spend money on a professional manicure but ensuring your nails are well shaped and polished, be it with an understated hue or something a little more playful, will contribute to feeling pulled together and fabulous.  Try:  Essie Treat Love & Color Nail Polish in Glow The Distance

10. Spritz a party-perfect fragrance To get you in the party mood there’s nothing like a spritz of a perfume that makes you feel fabulous and confident. Add your favorite scent to your pulse points (don’t rub!) or for an evening event, choose one that has intensity and depth. Some people like sweet gourmand notes while others prefer the warmth of one with a base amber and or musk.  Try:  Yves Saint Laurent Libre EDP



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