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Standing up to domestic violence with partner checks being considered by NSW

Discussion has started around whether or not Australia will commission the first domestic violence register

Standing up to domestic violence with partner checks being considered by NSW

Following a pledge made by Mike Baird pre-election, NSW will see discussions into introducing a domestic violence offenders list.

NSW will be the first state to commence the register with the aim of protecting women against potentially violent partners.

In the discussion paper released, the idea that parents of women considered at risk, would be allowed access to information about the potential offenders, is one of the methods being looked over.

The paper has raised questions about authority, of whether or not a woman should have the right to enquire into a partner’s violent past, or whether convictions – despite how old they are – should be disclosed to a new partner.

Pru Goward, the NSW minister for the prevention of domestic violence has opened up channels for discussions, both from the public and behind closed doors, as to what avenue will have the most successful results.

Goward will seek the council of legal, social and health experts but has revealed that the domestic violence disclosure scheme will be in place within the year.

“The vast majority of offenders in domestic violence are repeat offenders” Goward said. “Every time they get away with it, they are more likely to repeat…this scheme makes it harder for them to repeat the offence because it empowers women to walk away.”

Stating the register could be a “game changer” on domestic violence, she admits that “there is no one silver bullet, like more money for shelters, that will address this terrible scourge.”

Goward said there are many factors that the government will have to consider, before instating the disclosure scheme in its final draft.

Submissions for the scheme will close on June 19.

What do you think of a domestic abuse offenders list?


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One Comment on Standing up to domestic violence with partner checks being considered by NSW

  • jeanniebliss
    July 7, 2015 2:34 am

    sorry late in this debate but still want this bill to be passed. Domestic and Abusers List be active statewide
    Problems with computer but still want m y note ,vote to be added to pile

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