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MiNDFOOD is a data sort of information from Australia, New Zealand and around the world. A completely integrated media brand including a magazine and website featuring television, podcast. Electronic newsletters and iPad app features, photographs and daily news updates. The core editorial platforms of Health, Food and Drink, Travel, Community, Environment, Culture, Beauty, Design, and News can be accessed online, via television and podcasts, features and photographs as well as through the magazine.

An integrated campaign with MiNDFOOD offers a fresh approach to traditional advertising. Tailored advertising solutions working with key positioning and editorial provide an unique advertising platform.

MiNDFOOD’s editorial platforms and integrated media offering is perfect for both consumers and advertisers, offering an audience to advertisers that are savvy media consumers willing to engage with an integrated media solution.


Karey Walker
Advertising Director
T: + 64 9 362 0770
M: +64 21 401 051

Leah Jensen
Senior Advertising Manager – AU
leah @
T: +61 2 9318 1300
M: + 61 402 527 012

Angela Earl
Advertising Manager – NZ
angela @
T: + 64 9 362 0770

Catherine Ribiere
Account Director – NZ
T: + 64 9 362 0770
M: +64 22 043 1840

Jo-Anne Davies
Advertising Manager Melbourne & Victoria
T: + 61 2 9318 1300
M: + 61 409 598 322

Phillipa Munro
Advertising Co-ordinator
T: + 64 9 362 0770

The monthly magazine is one of the cornerstones of the MiNDFOOD brand. At 275mm x 210mm in size, and printed on partially recycled stock, the magazine is modern in design, with an easy-to-navigate layout and reader-friendly typefaces. Commissioning stories and photography locally and around the world gives MiNDFOOD a snap shot of what is happening within the world we live in.

Calendar 2016
Issue Booking Deadline
Cancellation Deadline
Material Deadline
On-Sale Date NZ / AUS
Jan / Feb ’16 18 November 16 October 20 November 14/ 17 December
April ’16 3 February 1 January 5 February 29 Feb / 3 Mar
May ’16 9 March 4 February 11 March 4 / 7 April
June ’16 13 April 11 March 15 April 9 / 12 May
July ’16 11 May 8 April 13 May 6 / 9 June
August ’16 8 June 7 May 10 June 4 / 7 July
September ’16 6 July 3 June 8 July 1 / 4 August
October ’16 10 August 8 July 12 August 5 Sept / 8 Sep
November ’16 7 September 5 August 9 September 3 / 6 October
December ’16 12 October 9 September 14 October 7 / 10 November is a curation of content from around the globe. It is a multi-tiered online brand with many platforms, including TV and podcasts, allowing the consumer to choose how they access the content. With their daily dose of news updates, they can elect for more detailed stories from Health, Food & Drink, Travel, Community, Environment, Culture,Beauty, Fashion and Design.

MiNDFOOD TV broadcasts entertaining and informative program bites covering a range of subjects including travel, nature, entertainment, human interest, health and business.

Size Specs Format accepted
Big Banner 728 x 90 JPEG, ANIMATED GIF
Skyscraper 160 x 600 JPEG, ANIMATED GIF
Tile / MREC 300 x 250 JPEG, ANIMATED GIF
Wallpaper tbc JPEG, ANIMATED GIF
Super Skyscraper / Half Page 300 x 600 JPEG, ANIMATED GIF

Minimum 10,000 Page Impressions Bookings

Full reporting available for any campaign, including page impressions and click throughs.


Advertising on MiNDFOOD’s e-newsletters allows your brand direct access to readers’ inbox.

Our e-newsletter database is growing 10% each month with a minimal unsubscribe rate. MiNDFOOD delivers smart and relevant content for our readers.

There are 3 databases to target: Weekly, Daily and STYLE.

Monday Menu Planner- Recipes and Wines for the Week
Wednesday Health Update
Thursday STYLE
Friday News Wrap of the week
Weekly E-newsletter Rate Card Specifications
Leaderboard 728 x 90 JPEG
Tile /MREC 300 x 250 JPEG


Everyday, we send direct to readers email inbox recipes for a family meal, a baking treat, a dinner party with friends or a simple meal for one. Always in-season, and easy to prepare, MiNDFOOD
recipes are perfect for the busy home cook.

Daily E-newsletter Rate Card Specifications
Leaderboard $500 per deployment 728 x 90 JPEG
Tile 300 x 250 JPEG

Full reporting is available for any campaign including click throughs.



Loose inserts


Full run: $120 per thousand
Part run: $170 per thousand

By Hand

Price on request and subject to sample provided

Bound inserts


Full run: $170 per thousand
Part run: $220 per thousand

Please note that all inserts are subject to approval by MiNDFOOD and prices remain subject to a final sample being supplied prior to booking.

Inserts must be delivered no later than two weeks prior to on-sale date



Full run: $120 per thousand
Part run: $170 per thousand

By Hand

Full run: $250 per thousand
Part run: $300 per thousand

Bound inserts


Full run: $170 per thousand
Part run: $220 per thousand

Please note that all tip-ons are subject to approval by MiNDFOOD and prices remain subject to a final sample being supplied prior to booking.

MiNDFOOD requires a minimum of 20 samples for all sachet tip-ons in order to conduct pressure testing.

Tip-ons must be delivered no later than two weeks prior to on-sale date.

Our Customer

“Of the monthly Women’s Lifestyle Magazines, MiNDFOOD has the highest online audience.” – Source : Nielsen CMI Fused Q4 14 – Q3 15 TV/Online (November 2015).

A Readership of 212,000 people aged 10+ years read a typical issue of MiNDFOOD. (Nielsen CMI Magazine Toplines Q1 2014 – Q4 2014)

Our current audit figure now stands at 36,810. (NZ Audited Bureau of Circulation, Sept 2015)

500,000 pages were viewed in December 2015.

370,000 e-newsletters are now sent each week from December 2015.

Over 50,000 downloads of the MiNDFOOD APP, which has won Apple’s best app for 2012 and 2013.

67% are Professionals, Managers, Executives, Business Owners

73% Live in Metropolitan areas

Higher Annual Incomes- Average is $109k+.




25 Professional woman, aged 25+She lives and works in the metropolitan region, is university educated, likes to travel locally and internationally and has a high disposable income for her age and experience. She likes MiNDFOOD’s fashion and beauty content, however, she also enjoys the ethical and environmental nature of the brand. She spends time online. She discusses a range of topics, themes and subjects in MiNDFOOD with friends and recommends MiNDFOOD to them.
35 Stay-at-home mother, aged 32+She was a white-collar professional before she had her two children and may now work part time. She sees MiNDFOOD as her lifeline to the rest of the world, using it to stay connected with what’s going on at home and globally, which she discusses at mothers group or dinner parties. She enjoys the self-help elements of MiNDFOOD. She accesses MiNDFOOD online when her babies are sleeping.
45 Mother, aged 40+She lives in a high socioeconomic area in the metropolitan region. Her husband earns good money and their children attend a private school. She travels internationally with her family during the school holidays. She is very brand aware and spends money onher home, family, clothing, beauty products, spas and other things for herself. She enjoys MiNDFOOD’s health and international content. MiNDFOOD has become part of her regular purchasing, alongside other international magazines.
55 Baby boomer, aged 62+She is cashed up with money to spend. She loves the content in MiNDFOOD about travel, health and celebrities who are making a difference in the world. She likes the ethical and environment nature of MiNDFOOD. She is a big book reader but has returned to the magazine market because of MiNDFOOD. She enjoys its international, intelligent mix of content.

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