Silver Fern Farms unveils new Aged Beef Range

New Zealand’s red meat experts, Silver Fern Farms, are introducing a range of premium, restaurant-quality, aged Beef cuts for Beef lovers.

The delicious new range will include:

• Beef Tenderloin Eye Fillet 300g: for the true beef connoisseur.
• Beef Porterhouse Steaks 350g: inspired by the classic American steak, this is a truly satisfying steak for beef lover
• Beef Prime-Cut Roast 350g: Silver Fern Farms signature cut. Aged with care with a hearty beef flavour.
• Beef Medallions 350g: 97% fat free and 100% fuss-free to suit the modern household.
• Beef Stir-fry 250g: Naturally lean and tender, Silver Fern Farms Beef Stir-fry is versatile, quick to cook and full of flavour.

Silver Fern Farms believe that not all beef is created equal. From consumer research, Silver Fern Farms understands that beef buyers are dissatisfied with the variable quality of beef – the same cut can be great one week, awful the next.

Before now, there’s been no way to guarantee a consistently high-quality beef eating experience. But for the first time, thanks to their new Eating Quality System®, Silver Fern Farms can promise exactly that.  The grading system, pioneered by Silver Fern Farms, has been developed using a scientific process to determine taste preferences and then matching these with animal data to guarantee consumers premium quality red meat. It rates beef  on 7 scientific criteria statistically proven to contribute to the eating quality of red meat.

Some important facts about Silver Fern Farms beef:

– Aged at Least 21 days – Silver Fern Farms’ beef cuts are aged in ideal conditions for at least 21 days before they reach consumers to naturally develop in flavour and enhance tenderness.

– Silver Fern Farms Beef is proudly raised free-range on the lush pastures of the world’s best farming environment – New Zealand.

– Silver Fern Farms’ new aged beef cuts are naturally lean, boneless, trimmed of all visible fat and carry the Heart Foundation Tick* (Excluding Porterhouse)

–  Vacuum-packed for Freshness and Convenience – Each cut is vacuum-packed to seal in juiciness and flavour and to allow the beef to age and tenderise in the fridge for up to 30 days.

– Perfect portions, simple to prepare, easy to cook – with delicious recipes on the back of pack by Annabel Langbein, and helpful tips here and online at, Silver Fern Farms make it easy to get it right in the kitchen, or on the barbeque every time.

The range is launching 3 March 2014 in selected supermarkets nationwide (Countdown, New World, and Pak n Save) and will retail between $12.95 (Stir-fry) and $21.95 (Tenderloin Eye Fillet).

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