Love and Laughter Collide in “Anyone But You” – A Hilarious RomCom Set in Sydney

In the upcoming edgy comedy “Anyone But You,” Hollywood’s rising stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell take centre stage as Bea and Ben, a couple whose love story takes an unexpected turn. This romantic comedy promises to keep audiences entertained and laughing throughout.

Bea, portrayed by the talented Sydney Sweeney, is an independent and witty young woman who, like many of us, has experienced the rollercoaster of modern dating. She believes she has found “the one” in Ben, played by the charming Glen Powell. Their first date is nothing short of spectacular, filled with sparks and chemistry. However, just when it seems like love is in the air, an unforeseen incident occurs that threatens to douse the flames of their passionate attraction, leaving their budding romance on ice.

But fate has other plans for this dynamic duo. When Bea and Ben unexpectedly find themselves in the picturesque backdrop of a destination wedding in Australia, they decide to take matters into their own hands. Like any two mature adults would do, they hatch a plan to pretend to be a couple.

The result? A delightful concoction of humour, witty banter, and the hilarious trials and tribulations of keeping up the façade. As they navigate the challenges of this “faux-mance,” the line between reality and pretence blurs, and audiences are taken on a sidesplitting journey of self-discovery and love.

“Anyone But You” is in cinemas December 22, 2023 

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