Joanna Lumley is an ‘old-fashioned diva’ in ‘Falling for Figaro’ trailer

British comedic darling Joanna Lumley plays a tough singing coach in this new romantic comedy.

In the Falling for Figaro trailer, we see young fund manager Millie (played by Danielle Macdonald) trading in her corporate life to pursue her dream of becoming an opera singing. Heading to the Scottish village of Drumbuchan, Millie meets Lumley’s Meghan Geoffrey-Bishop, “a fearsome singing teacher who believes that only with a broken heart can you really learn how to sing.”

In order to prepare her two singing students Millie and Max, Meghan toys with their love lives in an effort to get the best performances out of them.

Speaking to the New York Post, Lumley described her character as an “old-fashioned diva, who has to be petted and have everybody be cautious around her,” adding that most opera singers she knows are sweet and approachable.

Falling for Figaro arrives in cinemas from 14 July.

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