The secret to straightness

By Milly Nolan

These days, having your hair permanently straightened doesn't need to involve heavy chemicals. MiNDFOOD reports.

A few years ago, having your hair permanently straightened was only possible with the use of heavy chemicals, which generally left you with poker-straight but lifeless locks. Then came KeraStraight, a deeply nourishing straightening treatment using plant-derived keratin (which is the key structural component of your hair) and it has revolutionised the hair industry.

For those with hard-to-manage, curly, frizzy hair, a keratin treatment cures all those problems and leaves the hair shiny, straight and smooth. For me, my main gripe is that my hair is very curly when left to dry naturally, but rather than being glamorous ringlets or beach-tousled waves, it is a tangle of frizziness.

However, since I have been getting the keratin treatment at Auckland hair salon Bettjemans, my hair has improved in condition and is much thicker and healthier for it. Plus, I have more time in the morning – all I have to do is blow-wave and go. A brush is hardly needed and my straighteners are starting to collect dust.

When KeraStraight first became available, you had to leave the formula in for two days. You pretty much had to manage your diary around the treatment as you weren’t fit for public viewing. Now, however, thanks to a new-and-improved formula and system, you no longer have to endure having greasy hair but instead you walk out of the salon with a perfect frizz-free blow wave.

The treatment gradually wears out overtime, lasting up to four months (for some it can last up to six months depending on the hair type) and all you need to do is use the KeraStraight shampoo and conditioner, which helps maintain your new beautiful do.

The Treatment (2.5 to 4 hours depending on hair type):

1. Hair is washed twice with a pre-cleanser treatment to open up the hair cuticle.

2. Hair is blow-dried 100 per cent.

3. Hair is sectioned and the keratin product is applied root to tip.

4. Product is blow-dried into the hair until it’s 100 per cent dry.

5. Product is ironed into the hair using straighteners, which have a 240-degree heat capacity.

6. Hair is washed and blow-dried and you are ready to go.

Cost: from $500 depending on hair length


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