Ham topped with Ruby Grapefruit & Fig


Ham topped with Ruby Grapefruit & Fig

Ham topped with Ruby Grapefruit & Fig. Make your next Christmas Ham gluten free with this bright and delicious recipe.

Ham topped with Ruby Grapefruit & Fig

Serves 8–10


8kg leg of ham

350g Rose’s Blood Orange Marmalade

1/3 cup brown sugar

8–10 small ruby grapefruits, skin and pith removed

8–10 small dried figs, sliced




  1. Put ham on a large chopping board. Make a V-shaped cut around the shank of the ham, about 8cm in from the end. Remove skin from ham by running your thumb around the edge under the skin at the widest end and pulling it back over shank. Discard skin. Remove all oven shelves except the lowest. Preheat oven to 160C.
  2. Combine marmalade and sugar in a small saucepan over medium-low heat until smooth and well combined. Remove from heat. Brush ham with marmalade mixture.
  3. Slice grapefruit. Using a toothpick secure a slice of grapefruit and a slice of fig to ham, starting at the hock end. Continue securing grapefruit and fig slices, overlapping slightly until surface of ham is covered. Put a clove in the centre of each slice of fig. Brush with a little more marmalade mixture.
  4. Bake ham for 1 hour or until 
heated through and grapefruit is cooked. 
If any fruit slices fall off, simply re-attach. Carefully remove toothpicks. Brush again with marmalade mixture, reheating if necessary. Transfer ham to a large platter and serve.


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