Perfect Healthy Lunch Box Fillers


Perfect Healthy Lunch Box Fillers

Perfect Healthy Lunch Box Fillers. The purpose of stopping for lunch is to refuel and re-energise, so it is ever-so important to give yourself some nutritionally balanced foods to keep your energy levels up. A well-stacked and pre-prepared lunchbox can-not be overstated. It can mean that you have a tasty lunch to look forward and break the ho hum of the work or school day. Plus it also means you don’t have to succumb to the wasteful small plastic wrappings of all the pre-packed, store bought individually wrapped snacks.


Start with the carbs. A whole wheat sandwich, salad-filled wrap, grain salad or even a pottle of last night’s pasta bake. Consider having a protein snack, like nuts, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, or even leftover chicken drumsticks or fried tofu or tinned tuna.  At least one serving each of fruit and vegetables is essential, as it provides natural sweetness, fibre, and minerals. Cut them into convenient pieces the night before and kept chilled with a couple of cubes of ice in the lunchbox overnight.

And don’t forget to give yourself a treat. Something that makes all the hard work worth it. Whether you are in an office, outside on the tools or even studying at school, this is the time when a little bit of extra protein or even a small sweet treat will keep you content for the afternoon coming. Make your own scroggin’, a selection of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, even a little chocolate. Or take the time bake and fill up the biscuit, bliss ball and slice tin. It’s more worth it when it’s homemade.


Gluten-Free Banana & Blackberry Muffins

Gluten-free muffins will stay fresh, as long as they are kept in an air tight container. Or better still, make a batch of muffins, and individually freeze each one. Pull one out in the morning, and by lunchtime they will have thawed.

Click here for the recipe. 



Honey & Soy Scroggin’ Mix

A good scroggin should be nutritious first and foremost, so including seeds, protein packed nuts and even a bit of energy from chocolate, dried fruit or natural honey. Mix the flavours up so it doesn’t have to be ‘raw’ and a little spice .

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Blueberry Albert Squares

Look forward to lunch this week with this simple square recipe. 

Click here for the recipe. 


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