Melon Sangria with Scallop & Melon Canapés

Melon Sangria with Scallop & Melon Canapés
Get ready for summer entertaining with family and friends and make this delicious melon sangria served with Scallop & Melon Canapés

Makes 2 litres

1 honeydew melon

1-2 tsp honey

1 cup melon liqueur, like Midori

1 bottle chilled white wine, like

gewürztraminer or riesling

1 cup brandy

4 limes, cut into slices

Scallop & Melon Canapés

12 large Queen scallops

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp butter

½ rockmelon or honeydew


¼ cup sea salt

¼ cup finely snipped chives

1 tsp freshly ground black


12 canapé skewers


To make sangria, cut melon in half and remove seeds. Using a melon baller, scoop out the firm flesh. Aim to make 2 cups of melon balls.

Scoop out any remaining melon flesh with a spoon, then discard skin. Put remaining flesh in a blender and puree with honey, to taste.

In a large serving jug, mix Midori, wine and brandy. Add 1 cup of melon puree and mix well. Add melon balls and lime slices; stir to combine. Serve immediately with scallop and melon canapés.

To make scallop and melon canapés, trim scallops of orange coral. Heat oil and butter in a  frying pan. Fry scallops for 30-40 seconds on each side.

Trim melon of its skin and remove seeds. Use a melon baller to scoop out 12 balls, or cut into 12 cubes with a knife.

Mix together sea salt, chives and pepper on a small plate. Thread a piece of melon onto a canapé skewer.

Dip melon into the chive mixture, then thread a scallop onto the skewer.

Repeat with remaining scallops and melon. Serve.


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