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Heinz Beck’s Fagottelli “Carbonara”

Heinz Beck

3 Michelin-star chef Heinz Beck shares his signature recipe for Fagottelli "Carbonara" – delicate pasta parcels bursting with a rich cheese filling.

Heinz Beck’s Fagottelli “Carbonara”

3 Michelin-star chef Heinz Beck shares his signature recipe for Fagottelli “Carbonara” – delicate pasta parcels bursting with a rich cheese filling.

Tellycherry pepper is an Indian origin pepper, particularly suitable for this dish thanks to its distinctive aroma and fragrance. 


5 Yolks

60g Pecorino cheese 

80ml Whipped cream


White pepper

“Fagottelli” pasta 

160g Flour

80g Semola 

2 Yolks 

1 Egg 


Veal stock 

1 Kg Bones and trimmings of veal 

Extra virgin olive oil 

2 Onions 

120g Carrots 

1 stalk Celery 

5 Cherry tomatoes 

1 bunch Rosemary 

10 shells White pepper 

3L Water 


35g Roman bacon, (Guanciale) 

100g Zucchini 

2 tablespoons Extra virgin olive oil 

25 ml White wine

50 ml Veal stock 

40g Pecorino cheese 


Tellycherry pepper 


The filling: Beat the yolks in a double boiler and add little by little the grated Pecorino cheese to eggs. Add the white pepper, the salt, let cool and incorporate the whipped cream. Put the mixture into a sac-a-poche (pastry bag) and keep cool in a refrigerator for 1 hour.

The “Fagottelli”: Mix the flour with the semolina, add the egg yolks (keep 1 egg white aside), one egg, a pich of salt and water enough to obtain a solid dough.

Work the dough for a long time and form a ball; wrap it in plastic wrap and cool it in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Roll out thinly the dough and cut into 7cm squares with the help of a squared mould. 

With the help of a spoon, spread the filling over the dough and close it in the shape of a cigarette. Press the dough with fingers, fold and cut out the “Fagottelli” with a toothed wheel.

The veal stock: Cut into small pieces the trimmings of veal; break the bones and put everything in a pan that can go in the oven with a little of extra virgin olive oil. Put in oven at 190°C and brown until the bones and trimmings become gold. Remove from oven, drain the oil in excess, add the vegetables previously cleaned and chopped, the rosemary, the shells of white pepper and continue to cook few minutes. Remove from heat and make cool. 

Cover the bones and the trimmings of veal with cold water and bring to a boil. Cook for about 2 hours on low heat, skimming during cooking to remove the impurities that rise to the surface. Pass the veal stock through a clean cloth place over a fine strainer.

The dressing: Cut the Roman bacon into julienne strips, dice zucchini and skip all in a !pan with a little Extra virgin olive oil. !Sprinkle with white wine, bring it to a boil and add !the veal stock. 

How to prepare: Cook “Fagottelli” in abundant salted water, add to the sauce and whisk it with Pecorino cheese, Extra virgin olive oil and add Tellycherry pepper.

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