Gluten-Free Ricotta & Vanilla Waffles

Gluten-Free Ricotta & Vanilla Waffles
These gluten-free waffles are perfect for a weekend morning treat.

Serves 6-8

30g fresh compressed yeast or 1 sachet dry yeast
1 tsp caster sugar
1½ cups lukewarm milk
½ tsp salt
2 cups gluten free flour
3 eggs, separated, at room temperature
4 tbsp ricotta

In a bowl, crumble yeast over one third of a cup of tepid water. Leave to soften then stir until dissolved. Add sugar and 1 cup of milk.

Add salt and flour to yeast mixture. Beat well with a wooden spoon until smooth. Cover bowl and leave in a warm place, protected from cold air, until mixture is risen and bubbly.

In another bowl, beat egg yolks. Stir in remaining milk and ricotta. Stir into yeast/flour mixture, then cover and leave to rise once more. Just before cooking waffles, preheat waffle iron.

Beat egg whites until stiff. Gently fold egg whites into mixture, just enough to incorporate. Use about half a cup of batter for each. Follow instructions for waffle machine and cook until golden brown.

Serve immediately.


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