Beer-Battered Zucchini Flowers with Goat’s Cheese

By Bill Taylor

Beer-Battered Zucchini Flowers with Goat’s Cheese

Beer-Battered Zucchini Flowers with Goat’s Cheese. Beer-Battered Zucchini Flowers with Goat’s Cheese recipe, with a matching beer to boot.

Beer and food pairing is becoming increasingly popular among chefs and foodies alike. The traditional concept of wine being the best match for food is so widespread, that many people forget or don’t know that beer is a great choice for complementing food. This is because there is so much variety and diversity with beer.

“But the humble beer is versatile, refreshing and often the perfect accompaniment to many types of dishes and cuisines.  Different beer styles also bring their own unique character to the art of food and beer pairing.

Lion’s Master Brewer, Peter David says when matching beer and food, it is important to acknowledge the three C’s; contrast, complement and cut-through.
Serves 4-6 

Beer Match: Beck’s 


2 cups flour

1 cup lager (more if necessary e.g. Beck’s)

3 eggs, beaten

Pinch of salt

1 tablespoon olive oil


Zucchini flowers (2-3 each depending on size)

125g goat’s cheese

2 tablespoons pitted and chopped olives

Freshly ground black pepper

Vegetable oil for frying

1. To make the batter, combine all the batter ingredients and blend well in a food processor or blender. Allow to stand for 30 minutes.

2. To stuff the flowers, remove the stamens from the zucchini flowers. In a bowl combine the cheese, olives and pepper and stuff the base of each zucchini flower with a teaspoon of the mixture.

3. To deep fry the flowers; pour the vegetable oil into a deep fryer or large saucepan to ⅓ of the depth. Bring to boil over a high heat. When a breadcrumb colours within 1 minute, it is the correct temperature. Dip one or two flowers at the same time in the batter. Shake off the excess and drop the flowers into the oil to fry until golden. Lift out with a slotted spoon, drain on absorbent paper and serve.

Recipe from Beer and Food: A Celebration of Flavours by Bill Taylor (Beckett Maynard Publishing).



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