The MiNDFOOD Podcast: Dr. Emily O’Leary, Clinical Psychologist

Renowned for her expertise as a Clinical Psychologist, Dr Emily O’Leary delves into the intricate nuances of social anxiety in her candid conversation with MiNDFOOD’s Editor-in-Chief, Michael McHugh.

With a distinguished focus on obsessive-compulsive (OCD) and anxiety disorders, Dr O’Leary’s insights shed light on the intricate web of emotions that underlie these conditions. Her extensive experience and profound understanding make her a trusted source in unraveling the complexities of social anxiety, providing invaluable insights into the human psyche.

In this engaging discussion, Dr O’Leary unveils the layers of social anxiety, exploring its manifestations and the profound impact it can have on one’s daily life. Her in-depth analysis offers a comprehensive perspective, empowering individuals to navigate and comprehend the inner workings of this often-misunderstood aspect of mental health.

Through this enlightening dialogue, Dr O’Leary not only uplifts the lid on social anxiety but also imparts a sense of hope and empowerment, reminding us that understanding and support are pivotal steps toward managing and overcoming these challenges.


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