Seven at seven

More than 10 million Australians (44.5%) eat 2 or less serves of fruits and vegetables each day. Even more startling, almost one million have absolutely NO fruit or vegetables each day. Gen Y are four times as likely than Baby Boomers to eat no vegetables at all in a day – one in four Australians start their day with white toast.

Good Chef and naturopath, Janella Purcell on behalf of Vitamix Australia is on a mission to turn these disturbing findings into a challenge to the nation to get 7 serves of fruit and vegetables in their first meal of the day, every day, by 7am.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it seems to be the meal we give the least attention to. Janella joins us on the program and helps us get to the bottom of this modern-day health crisis.

Click here to listen.

Need some inspiration to get your seven at seven? Click here for Janella’s Weight Loss Green Smoothie recipe.

Want to join the 7@7 challenge and change your breakfast habits by drinking green smoothies every morning? You can download the Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre e-Book here:

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