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These are the foods to ditch for a healthy gut

These are the foods to ditch for a healthy gut

These are the foods to ditch for a healthy gut

The symptoms of an unhealthy gut are as varied as they are inconvenient. From an upset stomach to constant fatigue, to skin irritation, bloating and constipation, there’s little doubt that a problematic gut can wreak havoc on your health. And while we all know the types of food we should be eating if we suffer from bad gut health – almonds, olive oil, kefir and sauerkraut to name but a few – many of us don’t know what foods we should be avoiding to help soothe our guts. 

From fizzy drinks to red meat and more, we’ve rounded up seven foods you should banish from your diet to help your gut health game.


It’s no surprise that consuming too much alcohol can have a dangerous effect on your gut health. Known for causing an imbalance in the gut, too much alcohol can also lead to an overgrowth of potentially harmful bacteria as well as a reduction in beneficial bacteria. This may cause inflammation and a subsequent leaky gut, allowing toxins to enter the blood stream and exacerbating the effects. 


While research is still in its infancy, shifts in the microbiome is believed to be a direct result of consuming foods that contain additives. It also found evidence of intestinal inflammation and an increased risk of irritable bowel disease. What does this mean for humans? At this point, we’re not sure, but considering most food additives are present in high-fat, low-fiber, and h

Red Meat

While enjoying the odd organic cut of steak isn’t going to play havoc with your digestive system, consuming it on a frequent basis could throw your gut off balance. Studies have shown a direct link between eating a lot of red meat and the health of your gut bacteria. And with movements like Meat Free Mondays growing in popularity, never has there been an easier time to explore plant-based alternatives. 

Fizzy Drinks

Most fizzy drinks contain artificial sweeteners, and studies have shown that bacteria in the digestive system becomes toxic when it comes into contact with tiny concentrations of these additives. If you reach for a can of pop when the afternoon slump hits, try a refreshing iced tea or water flavoured with mint and cucumber instead. Saturated fats are found in processed items such as butter, and in the fatty cuts of red meat – so it you want to look after your gut, fill up on salmon or olive oil instead.

Saturated Fat

While high fat-diets are praised by many as being the answer to a long and fruitful life, such a diet is rich in healthy fats, as found within natural foods such as avocado and oily fish. 

Artificial Ingredients

For optimal gut health, pay heed to what you put in your trolley and avoid processed and refined foods where possible. Snacks like crisps, crackers, lollies and other packaged items are usually full of a wealth of additives and preservatives which can be hugely detrimental to the bacteria in your gut. They rarely contain any gut-friendly ingredients, so we you’re better off viewing them as an occasional treat rather than a daily staple, and heading for the produce aisle at the grocery store instead.

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