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The Future of Beauty according to Dr. Andrew Christie

The Future of Beauty according to Dr. Andrew Christie

MiNDFOOD talks with international Dermapen trainer Dr Andrew Christie about what the future holds for beauty.

The Future of Beauty according to Dr. Andrew Christie

The new decade brings a move towards treatments that really work to restore health and regenerate the skin, such as Dermapen microneedling and LED. “Regenerative medicine reigns supreme in 2020,” says Dr Andrew Christie, international trainer for Dermapen. “These types of procedures work to physically improve the condition and integrity of the skin from the inside out. The process works with your body’s own healing and repair response to create the ultimate bespoke beauty treatment.” Dr Christie believes that the current industry is undergoing a revolution: we are returning to the fundamental concept that good skin gives good results, but great skin gives incredible results. “You can put as much filler as you want into the skin to create volume or contour, however, what is the point if the skin quality and integrity is compromised?” he says. “You just end up with plumper skin that is still in bad condition. There’s no point painting a house if the foundation and the inner structure is falling apart. It might look a little better for a moment or two, but it will quickly collapse.”

What is microneedling? 

Microneedling has been the go-to treatment option for scarring for dermatologists around the globe for many years now. Thanks to advances in skin-needling technology, microneedling is now effectively used to rejuvenate the skin and combat an array of skin concerns. “Thirty years ago, needling was just limited to collagen induction therapy – for things like scars and stretch marks,” says Dr Andrew Christie. “now we see Dermapen used across the aesthetic, dermatology, surgical, dental, gynaecological, urological, podiatry and alopecia markets”. Dr Christie explains that Dermapen treatments are suitable for all skin colours and ethnicities as it isn’t just limited to the face – treatments can be used on the body and scalp, too. “The perfect aesthetic candidate for Dermapen essentially is the average modern patient – someone who wants their skin to look healthier and better, naturally smooth, clear and radiant and without the downtime, discomfort and expense of traditional laser, injectable or surgical procedures.”

How does Dermapen microneedling work?

The process uses a pen-shaped device to deliver tiny punctures to the skin, using very fast-moving needles in a stamping motion. This stimulates the natural healing process in the skin, resulting in the production of new collagen and elastin, giving a rejuvenated and more youthful complexion. To help with this process, active solutions containing potent vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid (a substance made naturally in our body that boosts hydration) plus other nourishing ingredients are applied and penetrate the deeper layers of the skin through these tiny channels, to maximise the skin’s benefits. Not only does this revolutionary treatment rejuvenate the skin, but it can also reduce signs of ageing (such as fine lines and wrinkles),  pigmentation, acne scarring and pore size. While it can be an alternative for those wanting to try injectables, it can also set the groundwork for healthy, resilient skin if you do choose aesthetic procedures. “Dermapen enhances the structure, framework and scaffolding of the extracellular matrix,” says Dr Christie. The treatment is constantly evolving to help address a number of skin concerns, and can now help with acne, melasma and even rosacea. “Dermapen works like a restoration that sets your skin back to factory settings, allowing it to reboot, revive and recover from the inside out,” says Dr Christie. “We are using needling on more patients and indications than ever in 2020.”

Why should I choose a Dermapen Gold Authorised Treatment Provider? 

Dermapen was the original automated microneedling device and brand, so advances in technology over the years together with millions of dollars and years of research means the latest version of this device, the Dermapen4, has a huge focus on patient safety, comfort, experience and of course results. Dr Christie says “achieving great skin doesn’t have to be a scary experience. Everyone wants their skin to look healthier, naturally smooth, clear and radiant without the downtime, discomfort and expense of traditional laser, injectable or surgical procedures”. Dermapen has recognised Gold Authorised Treatment Provider clinics as following all the Dermapen protocols, including high safety standards, highly trained practitioners and use of protocol DP Dermaceuticals products and the latest Dermapen4 device. By choosing one of these clinics, you’ll be ensuring superior microneedling results and exceptional safety – which is what we’re all after when it comes to treatments on our face.

Dermapen annually selects a High Performance Practitioner of the Year based on outstanding skin results achieved through following exact treatment protocol and use of DP Dermaceuticals infusion skin products. This year’s title was awarded to Diamond Laser Medi Spa based in Taupo, for their results on fading pigmentation using a series of Dermapen treatments. You can see the results, find your nearest Gold ATP Clinic and learn more about Dermapen microneedling at Probeauty.

Always follow your therapist’s directions. If you experience side effect see your health care practitioner. Pro Beauty, Christchurch.

Dr Christie is based in Paris, France, graduated from Macquarie University (Sydney) and obtained his Ph.D in Biochemistry from the University of Southampton (UK).

TAPS Approval No: PP6310

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