Tackle pigmentation and reveal fresh and bright skin with new skincare releases

Repair the damage of the summer months and reveal fresh new skin with new skincare treatments that target cell renewal as well as patchy brown areas of pigmentation that can become more pronounced after sun exposure. 

Elizabeth Arden Visible Brightening CicaGlow Concentrate is a bi-phase formula that includes a green top phase infused with natural nourishing oils to comfort skin’s barrier, while the pink bottom phase contains gentle formula to encourage natural exfoliation. Shake to combine the two layers together before applying a few drops to skin for a skin-nourishing dose of Niacinamide,Vitamin C, Angelica Root, Persian Silk Tree and soothing Centella Asiatica.

Claiming to begin to budge dark pigmentation spots in just days, Dermalogica Power Bright Dark Spot Serum also calls on Niacinamide (Vitamin B) as well as Phenolic Lipid to help fade the patchy spots. The daily serum also calls on Shiitake Mushroom – rich in beta glucans –  to brighten skin, while adaptogenic Ashwagandha herb smoothes and delivers antioxidant benefits. 

A powerful overnight, at-home peel with 10% encapsulated glycolic acid which is slowly delivered into the skin overnight, Medik8 Sleep Glycolic is the heavy lifter of the bunch, offering fast resurfacing results with a time-release formula that delivers the active ingredient while you sleep. Designed for occasional use when skin needs a pick-me-up, AHA Glycolic Acid is paired with Glycerin and Korean Clover Extract in order to minimise any potential drying or irritating effect that strong daily-use acids can have. 

Estee Lauder’s Perfectionist Pro Rapid Brightening Treatment with Ferment² + Vitamin C is a daily serum solution that hones in on dark spots and post-acne marks while obvious pores are minimised and texture smoothed away leaving a healthy, hydrated complexion.

Notoriously hard to formulate together, StriVectin’s Super C Retinol Brighten & Correct Vitamin C Serum combines two of the most effective skincare ingredients, using two forms of stabilized Vitamin C and Acerola Cherry Extract to restore clarity and brighten dull, tired skin as retinol smooths rough texture and fine lines.

The must-try hairstyle everyone is asking for right now

The shag is the most influential hair style this year.

The seventies-influenced ‘do with its softly feathered curtain fringe and flicky layers that can veer well into mullet territory, is the hottest hair to have right now.

From those pondering a change by pinning images of ‘Wolf cut’ on Pinterest – that’s the version that’s a little longer at the back, with tapered layers that are dishevelled and wild – to colourists doubling down on trends by combining it with a strawberry-peach hue that’s also wildly popular everywhere, and it’s clear the shag hairstyle is sticking around.

At the top of the year hairstylist Michael Beel, of Buoy Salon in Wellington was tipping it would be a ‘thing’ encouraging us all to choose “Hair that embraces movement” as it would be the biggest trend this year.

“Getting your hairdresser to add some more layers into your hair with a nod to an 80’s ‘shag’ is going to encourage any natural movement and texture to happen,” he advised.

Then there’s the little matter of Billie Eilish revealing the one of the most dramatic hair switcheroos of recent memory, when she unveiled her bleach blonde shag hairstyle on Instagram in March.

The singer achieved the honour of reaching 1 million likes in the fastest time ever on the social media platform – something she achieved again with her cover of Vogue a few weeks later.

Other celebrities – think Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, et al – have taken the approach even further, veering well into mullet territory, but we’re into it! The shag however, remains the more versatile option, likely why it’s become so popular right now.

Think you might be open to considering some extra layers?

Let us provide you with compelling evidence on why it’s a great idea. All there is to do is hit ‘save’ and show your stylist next time you’re in the salon.



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