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How to avoid fatigue as we head into the festive season

Nutritionist Nikki Hart shares her top tips for wellness over summer and to avoid fatigue during the busy periods. Nikki also developed and collated the ingredients for the SHOJO Wellness Tonics, with their main goal being to fight fatigue and keep clarity and energy levels up naturally.

How to avoid fatigue as we head into the festive season

  • Don’t skip breakfast

I know intermittent fasting is all the rage but if you like to exercise in the morning you will need some carbohydrate to boost your blood sugar levels to allow you to train optimally Typically 30-60g for every hour you train is a good rule of thumb or 1g/kg Bodyweight/hour.

  • Check your urine colour and volume

Dark or infrequent urination means you are probably dehydrated and this can lead to tiredness, headaches and fatigue. Pale and plentiful urine is the key to good hydration.

The best keto snacks


  • Eat well

Swapping out some high glycemic index carbohydrate foods for low glycemic index carbohydrate foods may help curb that ‘afternoon slump’.

  • Avoid caffeine in the afternoon

Caffeine may disturb your sleep later on in the evening.

  • Temporarily cut out alcohol

Aim for  3 – 4 days a week as this eliminates extra kilojoules/kilocalories and takes pressure off the liver and kidneys.

  • Eat a rainbow every day across all the fruit and vegetables

The polyphenolic compounds that give fruit and vegetables their glorious colours are there to enhance your health and wellbeing.

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