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Five steps to help achieve mental wellbeing

Five steps to help achieve mental wellbeing

Focus on your mental health this year with 5 ways to achieve balance.

Five steps to help achieve mental wellbeing

Health organisations worldwide are encouraging people to take ownership of their mental wellbeing. The first step to taking charge of your physical and mental wellness is making a promise to change or to adopt new habits, says Australian naturopath and nutritionist Janella Purcell.

“Our mind is not separate from our body – what we eat, think and say all can have an impact on how mentally vital and together we feel,” she says.

Purcell’s top tips for health:

1. Feed the brain: People with the best-quality diet have the lowest risk of developing depression and anxiety.

2. Keep fit: Exercise releases feel-good chemicals, which may help ease depression.

3. Sleep: Many of us underestimate the value of good-quality sleep. The optimal amount of sleep is eight hours a night and an hour for daytime naps.

4. Eat calming foods: Cashew nuts contain the amino acid L-tryptophan that is broken down into calming niacin (B3). Use food as medicine. Eat your cashews mindfully – a lot of work goes into getting just one cashew into your mouth.

5. Avoid: Try to steer clear of white flour and other processed foods, aspartame and man-made sweeteners, sugar and too much caffeine.

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