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Baby Elephant chases dog, has a tantrum

Baby Elephant chases dog, has a tantrum

Think toddlers are the only ones that chuck tantrums? Not so, this baby elephant's meltdown has had us in stitches.

Baby Elephant chases dog, has a tantrum

When you’re a heavy 120 kilo pachyderm trying to keep up with an agile and elusive canine, things aren’t bound to go your way. As this baby elephant at the  Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, found out.

The calf has been captured on video attempting to chase down a dog. However, after a few rounds of running, the adorable baby elephant throws a tantrum in frustration, screaming the cutest curses and throwing grass everywhere.

Disgruntled he makes a final attempt to chase the little dog before retreating to the safety of some older members of his pack.

The little guy may have lost to the dog, but it definitely won hearts everywhere on the internet this week.

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