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5 ways to have a more eco-friendly holiday

Your carbon footprint will be slightly better during your next vacation if you opt to stay at a campsite instead of a hotel.

5 ways to have a more eco-friendly holiday

If you're already planning your next big trip once the pandemic is over, you might want to consider some more eco-friendly ways to get around.

5 ways to have a more eco-friendly holiday

Testers at German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest have compiled a list of five tips for more climate-friendly travel:

1. Destination: For distances up to 800 kilometres, travellers should try to take a bus or a train. If it’s not possible to reach your destination without a car, then it’s more sensible for several people to share a vehicle than go separately.

2. Flying: If you’re flying, then best fly direct. Testers found that flying from Hanover, in Germany, to Spain’s Gran Canaria with a layover in Barcelona resulted in 20 per cent more CO2 emissions. And for far-off destinations, it’s better to spend several weeks there.

3. Accommodation: Energy and water consumption at a campsite is, for the most part, significantly less than a hotel – especially when the hotel offers a wellness area or heated pool. Choosing to camp or staying at an eco-friendly hotel can improve your climate footprint.

4. Once there: Hiking, cycling and swimming are not only good for your health, but also the environment. That jet ski or motorboat you were planning to rent out? Not so much.

5. Seals: Anyone who wants to travel in a more eco-friendly manner can look for seals that certify a company’s climate credentials. A little online research will be helpful in figuring out which are recommended.

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