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5 uncommon ways to look after yourself this winter

5 uncommon ways to look after yourself this winter

Try these unusual but effective tips to see yourself through several winter ailments.

5 uncommon ways to look after yourself this winter

  1. Avoid getting cold feet with the traditional herbal remedy of sprinkling a small amount of cayenne pepper into your socks. Just make sure you don’t have any blisters or open cuts on your feet, or it will sting.
  2. If you are prone to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), talk to your healthcare practitioner about cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). Researchers from the University of Vermont have found CBT to be effective at preventing SAD. For milder cases, a long walk outdoors or being near a window during the day can help.
  3. Bleeding noses are common during winter as a result of dry air irritating the nasal membranes. If you find yourself with continual nose bleeds over winter, a humidifier may help. You can also try rubbing some aloe gel or petroleum jelly inside your nose.
  4. Enjoy a daily cup or two of green tea. It has high amounts of potent antioxidants, which have an antiviral and antibacterial action. As an added benefit, a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that daily consumption of green tea for 12 weeks can help reduce body fat.
  5. Winter itch, also known as pruritus hiemalis, is a type of dermatitis that affects people during cold weather. It most commonly occurs on the legs and varies in intensity from mild to severe. A warm (not hot) bath with a quarter of a cup of baking soda can relieve the itch, as can the application of emollients.
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