Good content is hard to find

By Donna Duggan

Do you have a story idea for MiNDFOOD? Donna Duggan explains how to make your content stand out.

Good content is hard to find. How often do you find yourself flipping through the newspaper, jumping from one television show to the next or flicking through magazines at a rapid speed? 

With access to so much information these days, it seems ridiculous that finding an interesting and meaningful story is so difficult. 

As an editor, my job is about swimming through an ocean of information and picking out the most captivating parts. My sources come in all shapes and sizes, from hand written letters to Twitter. We also get daily article suggestions, usually via email. If you have a story worthy of publication, here are my top tips for making it happen.

* send an email to [email protected] introducing your concept. Keep it short with a brief overviews plus details of any studies, interviews or sources that will be included.

* make sure your offer is unique. Sending the same story idea to lots of people will ensure that it ends up in the bin.

* make sure your topic is relevant. Have a clear idea of the stories we publish.

* if you don’t hear from us within the month, email again.

* if we like your idea, and you haven’t been published in MiNDFOOD before, we will ask you to submit complete copy before we accept the piece.


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