Google wants to count the calories in your Instagram pictures!

By Jessica Rayner

Google wants to count the calories in your Instagram pictures!

A new app being developed by Google can determine how healthy your food pictures are!

That’s right! Google is currently developing intelligent technology called ‘Im2Calories’ that could tell you the calorie content of your food snaps. Gulp.

While having an app analyse your ‘food porn’ pictures could help you make healthier choices, some people are wary of Google’s ideas.

It is argued that calorie counts are not always the most accurate way to determine how healthy food actually is. Some people are afraid that this technology could encourage users to be too obsessive in their food monitoring.

However, the technology could ‘surprise some people into realising how much junk food they eat’, Business Insider’s James Cook says. Especially when eating out, technology that calculates the nutritional value of our meal could help us all make healthier choices.

Im2Calories isn’t available yet so you can still Instagram that muffin without food fear!


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