Christmas cooking

By Michael McHugh

Christmas cooking

Stop that pre-Christmas hassle and stress and organise everyone coming to Christmas lunch or dinner to bring a plate. I have stopped saying “bring nothing” when asked by guests what they can contribute. The question is now answered with “do you want to make a sweet or a savoury?” I realised everyone wants to get involved and contribute to creating the meal.

Our food team at MiNDFOOD has, for months, been trialling a range of different recipes and we are proud of this year’s batch of mix-and-match recipes, which are easy to follow and delicious. Plus, there are dishes for the experienced cooks and foodies among us. We have the MiNDFOOD Christmas Recipes app, with more than 50 festive dishes, the Christmas Cookbook on the flip side of the December magazine, the Daily Recipe you can sign up for, or our Weekly Menu Plan, all of which have a unique bunch of options for the festive table. As you can see there is much to choose from when accessing MiNDFOOD Christmas recipes. As everyone settles around the table or backyard for your feast, feel proud at what you have created with your friends and family and don’t forget to enjoy it all.

This year I will be having Christmas in cold, snowy New York, and have already tried to find online where we can buy all our favourite ingredients we traditionally love for Christmas lunch. We are coming together as a family after some months of all being apart and I can’t wait to sit around that Christmas table, in a rented apartment in a kitchen we don’t know too well, having cooked our celebratory meal influenced by the city we are visiting.

This year, we think, will be a little different as there are so many food markets we want to try and sample before the 25th and hopefully we’ll find a range of different ingredients to cook with for our meal together. Wherever you are it’s the people you have with you that make Christmas. Enjoy the day and get everyone involved.


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