Three Skincare Hacks the Experts Actually Swear By

For over 20 years Paula Begoun has been busy busting beauty myths so we can all get the most out of our skincare routines. The best-selling author, founder of Paula’s Choice skincare and brains behind online beauty bible talks to us about three skincare hacks that will change your complexion.

Stop Wasting Time Finding the Perfect Moisturiser 

According to Begoun most of us spend far too much time painstakingly searching for that dream moisturiser. “It’s not that moisturising isn’t important,” she explains. “But too many women
focus on finding the best “wrinkle cream” and overlook the importance of daily sun protection from a product rated SPF 30 or greater.”

Begoun says that simply put, without daily sun protection in a product loaded with great antioxidants and skin restoring ingredients, you won’t get the results you’re hoping for from any moisturiser or other types of anti-aging product. “It’s also important to consider what serums, boosters, and other product types contain the best ingredients in a better texture that can help strengthen skin, refine pores, improve skin discolourations,” she says. “All have all kinds of other benefits without being in a traditional cream or lotion.”

“Moisturisers are a dated term when what skin actually needs are brilliant targeted ingredients that help skin to act and behave like younger skin.”

Pay More Attention to Your Sunscreen 

Most of us have our sunscreen application down pat once summer arrives but according to Begoun it really is a step we should be including in our beauty routine every single day. “You need to buy one labelled “broad spectrum” to ensure you’re getting reliable protection from the sun’s UVB and UVA rays, and to choose a sunscreen rated SPF 30 or greater.”

Begoun adds that price isn’t always an indicator of efficacy and she says to be wary of expensive sunscreens for the body. “Sunscreens must be applied liberally in order to get the stated level of protection, and you’re more likely to skimp on application when using an expensive sunscreen.”

“Last, choose a sunscreen for your face that also contains several antioxidants (like vitamins and non-fragrant plant extracts) as well as skin restoring ingredients,” she advises. “Research has shown that antioxidants offer enhanced environmental defense for skin and anti-ageing ingredients mean you only need one moisturiser for daytime, not two.”

Forget Everything you Thought you Knew About Exfoliation 

Once you’ve got your daily sunscreen application sorted, Begoun says it’s time to pay more attention to how you’re exfoliating your skin. But you can forget about harsh, abrasive scrubs – Begoun says gentle scrubs are best for extra cleansing.

“The benefits from a leave-on AHA (alpha hydroxy acids, like glycolic acid) or BHA (salicylic acid) are amazing for numerous skin concerns including wrinkles, uneven skin tone, redness, breakouts, clogged and/or enlarged pores, and dehydration. Adding this type of product to your morning or evening skincare routine
can make a world of difference,” she explains.

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