Beauty Secrets: How Georgia Fowler Keeps her Skin Radiant

We all know how much a long-haul flight can take out of our skin. But despite jet setting around the globe frequently, Kiwi modelling success story Georgia Fowler manages to maintain luminously healthy skin.

Fowler says she’s somewhere in between a minimalist and maximalist when it comes to her own skincare routine. “I used to be very unfussy about my routine,” she admits. “My mum never talked about what products she used or if she used anything for that matter,” Fowler laughs.

Now, at the age of 27, she takes her skincare regimen more seriously. “Now I make sure I take my make-up off after every job.”

She has a few favourites when it comes to cleansing and loves Biologique Recherche P50 Lotion.

“I love using a serum under my moisturiser and I have quite a few that I rotate depending on what’s in which bag,” she says. “Dr Barbara Sturm has some great serums and Chanel Blue Serum is great too,” Fowler says.

With all the travel she does, Fowler’s big on switching up her routine to suit the season and her skin’s needs. “If I’m in New York and it’s winter and my skin’s really dry, or if I’m on a plane, I’ll use a thicker moisturiser. If I’m in Sydney and it’s summer I’ll go for something lighter with an SPF.”

As for fighting post-flight dehydrated skin, Fowler makes an effort to stay hydrated from within. “I really notice a difference if I drink enough water when I’m on a flight. And then I use a mask too.” She loves the CosMedix Rescue Intense Hydrating Balm and Mask as it acts as a barrier, locking moisture in.

Make-up wise, unsurprisingly Fowler tries not to use too much when she’s off the job. She says one of the biggest lessons she has learnt is that putting too much on your skin can really age it. “It’s about making sure you have the right colour foundation and concealer, and putting it where you really need it.”

She says Chanel Vitalumiere Acqua foundation is one of her current favourites. “If I put just five minutes into doing a few tiny things it does make a big difference.”

Fowler says her go-to make-up routine is a little bit of concealer; brushing up and filling in her brows; and then a cream contour or blush that she’ll smudge into her lips, cheeks and her eyelids. “I love keeping it really simple.”

Here are our top tips for keeping skin healthy when you’re travelling. 

The Foods That Will Get Your Skin Glowing

There’s more to great skin than a good skincare routine. We’ve rounded up the foods that will get your skin glowing.


These delicious beauties pack a serious punch when it comes to their levels of antioxidants. Their age-defying abilities are also met with the combination of Vitamin C – an important factor in boosting the immune system and promoting the production of collagen, strengthening the skin’s capillaries.

Make use of in-season blueberries and create your own superfood chia jam here.


Tomatoes are filled antioxidants called selenium. Working in collaboration with vitamins E and C, selenium has been known to protect against sun damage, age spots and is even a powerful weapon in the fight against skin cancer. The delicious fruit are also packed full of lycopene (the phytochemical that makes them red) which is thought to improve the skin’s antioxidant status.

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Wild Salmon 

This gorgeous fish, rich in omega-3 fatty acids promotes moisture in the skin, keeping your cheeks supple and fresh. Like tomatoes, salmon also contains selenium and vitamin D to keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy too.

Why not try this fresh, spring inspired recipe for Salmon with cucumber salad?


Oysters, a delicious and decadent food, are packed full of zinc, which aids skin cell renewal as well as contributes to fantastic looking hair, nails and eyes.

Aside from fresh oysters, they are delicious in any recipe.

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Kiwi Fruit

This delicious fruit is full of vitamin C and antioxidants that can prevent wrinkles and keep skin nice and firm. Not only are they incredibly delicious but their powers extend to prevention of heart disease.

For those with a sweet tooth, try this recipe for individual pavlovas coated in fresh kiwi fruit. 

Good Fats

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in oily fish and avocados provide essential fatty acids that aid in the release of moisture to your skin. Foods that contain these fats, like nuts and seeds also contain healthy amounts of vitamin E which can protect against free radical damage.

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And here are the foods that you need to avoid if you want healthy skin that glows.