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Global Learning: 5 Minutes With Bear Park Founder

Global Learning: 5 Minutes With Bear Park Founder

Bear Park childcare has formed an enlightening relationship with a school in Kenya.

Global Learning: 5 Minutes With Bear Park Founder

Bear Park founder, Sue Stevely-Cole shares her story.

How is Bear Park involved with Sanga Nursery School?

After I visited Kenya, we established a close relationship with Sanga Nursery School. The children write letters and share pictures. We also fundraise – in our first year, we raised enough money for the school to hire a second teacher.

What do the kids learn from the experience?

They gain awareness that there is a place out there that is so different from where they live but also has very similar values. This collaboration also relates to our overarching Bear Park programme where we value the natural world and the necessity of sustainability.

Why is this important?

We want our children to be aware of the way people around the world live. It helps them gain an appreciation of what they have and develops their sense of empathy.

What was the inspiration?

Sanga Nursery School is near the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and I was touched by the amazing work the group is doing to help both the wildlife and the local community.

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