Celebrating beautiful bath design

Gone are the days of the bath being an afterthought in bathroom design. Now they are the star of the show, featured in all shapes, sizes, colours and finishes.

If a new bath is on your renovation hit list, here is some design inspiration to get those ideas bubbling.

Designed as a wet room, the ceiling tiles make you feel like you are in an underwater bubble and make a unique and modern style statement. Keeping the hexagonal tiles to one area also helps to visually separate the wet area from the rest of the bathroom.

The right bath can transform your bathroom into a wellness retreat. Add some Epsom salts to the bath and a few drops of your favourite essential oils and you’ve created your own health spa.

Placing a bath on a raised platform helps to make the focal point of a bathroom, the vertical garden also transforms the space into an oasis.

Natural lighting, a room with a view and simple styling help create the perfect space bathing and a beautifully sophisticated space.

When space is limited it’s the details that count. Intricate tiles, statement windows and interesting tapware make this a sophisticated bathroom despite the lack of space.

Who said a bath tub has to be white? Previously bath options were limited to porcelain, steel or acrylic, but now the choice has spread far and wide including stone composites, resin and concrete. The new materials also allow for new designs as many of the materials are moulded which means it’s easier to create a variety of shapes.

A round bath tub is always fun to share. While they need a lot of room and hold more water than your average bath, they certainly make an impressive design statement.

House Tour: Beach House Bliss

The light-filled Sorrento Beach House by Pandolfini Architects is a beautifully designed soothing retreat.

Nestled amongst holiday homes on the edge of Port Phillip Bay, the Sorrento Beach House by Pandolfini Architects has been conceived with a nostalgia for the simple forms and materials of holiday homes of the past. Composed of five separate pavilions, the house focuses inwards, placing the theatre of holiday life centre stage.

The house has been shortlisted for the 2020 Houses Awards; one of Australia’s most prestigious awards programs for residential architecture and design.


Clean lines, natural materials and organic shapes creates a peaceful and welcoming space.

The simple and soothing colour palette reflects the colours of the sand and sea.

You can’t help but relax once you step through the front door.

Photography: Rory Gardiner