Your first aid kit in a jar

Your first aid kit in a jar

Formulated with a blend of naturally derived ingredients and botanical extracts, discover a skin balm designed to calm and reduce irritation, treat insect bites cuts, stings and other minor skin irritations.

Recover Balm is an all-purpose healing balm created to soothe irritated skin. Whether it’s a light later after a clinical treatment, a dab onto an insect bite or coating a rough patch of eczema, this slave is the remedy for all sorts of minor skin irritations.

Being so versatile and nurturing, it is the ideal addition to your first-aid cabinet – and sensitive enough to use on the kids.

Terri Vinson a cosmetic chemist and Founder of Synergie Skin says, “I consider Recover Balm your go-to first aid kit in a jar. It really helps to calm the skin, especially for those with dry irritated areas of eczema or even after non-ablative treatments. I’ve formulated this balm to contain a number of botanical extracts that are rich in antioxidant and reparative benefits, all being highly emollient and non-comedogenic. And of course, true to my Clean Science philosophy, my Recover Balm does not contain any questionable ingredients. This is so important for me both as a mum and a cosmetic chemist.”

The real hero ingredient in Recover Balm is the potent reparative and anti-ageing ingredient ‘Propolis’, made by worker bees.

Bees naturally use Propolis to build, repair and strengthen their hives. They seal openings with it, forming a barrier against pathogens thanks to its remarkable antimicrobial properties. Applied to the skin, propolis extract possesses superior antimicrobial properties that will address minor skin infections.

Further additions of active ingredients include; blackcurrant seed extract, seabuckthorn oil and castor oil – all proven to have healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-ageing skin benefits.

For more on this all-healing cream or to order a jar, visit the Synergie Skin website. AU$59 for 30ml.



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